While we should not let physical appearance affect our self-worth, we still need to remain presentable to be able to have full self-confidence. Our hair plays a significant role in boosting our self-esteem, as it makes us feel good and secured with our looks. 

However, there will come a point when our hair reaches its thinning stage. Aside from aging, there are other factors to consider when your hair starts to look thinner than usual. It could be linked to diet, nutrition deficiency or hereditary hair loss. 

To some degree, hair loss is normal. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), a person can shed 50 to 100 hair strands every day, and the hair follicles immediately regrow the hair that falls. But as we grow older, some hair follicles stop producing hair and shafts become thinner. 

Good thing, there are hair vitamin supplements available to keep our tresses flowing like it used to. Below are some of the hair growth supplements you can easily purchase from Amazon to start that healthy hair journey.

Nutrafol Women's Balance

Nutrafol Women’s Balance
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This hair vitamin is specially formulated for women experiencing hair loss before, during, and after menopause. It targets factors that trigger hair loss, including stress, DHT, free radicals and compromised nutrition.

Aside from hair regrowth, Nutrafol Women's Balance also helps reduce the other symptoms of menopause like hot flashes, lack of sleep, and unhealthy skin and nails. 

What we love most about this product is that it prevents hair shedding and promises growth within three to seven months of use. 

The Mane Choice: Manetabolism Plus 

The Mane Choice: Manetabolism Plus
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This best-selling hair vitamin promotes natural hair growth and retention. It helps rejuvenate dead, inactive, and slow-growing follicles to revive hair growth. It is rich with 13 different vitamins like Vitamin A, which produces sebum helping to thicken the hair, Vitamin B to build up collagen and promote continuous hair growth, and Folic Acid to help strengthen hair strand and maintain longevity. 

It also protects our crowning glory from premature graying, so you can enjoying having long black locks even during your prime years. It can be taken twice a day by both men and women.

Physician's Choice Total Hair

Physician’s Choice Total Hair
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Another cause of hair loss is the use of harmful chemicals from the products that we use -- from shampoo, conditioner, hair color and other hair treatments. To reduce the overuse of chemicals, it is best to rest to all-natural products like Physician's Choice Total Hair. 

It is a veggie capsule rich with full-spectrum Vitamin E. It also claims to provide 34 percent hair growth with regular intake.

The product is formulated with all-natural keratin hair ingredients, biotin, folate, and bamboo, all proven as effective aides to hair growth.  Some users swear by this product's effectivity and say that after regular use, their hair feels stronger and they experience less breakage and hair fall. 

Vitalfuse Biotin For Women

Vitalfuse Biotin For Women
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Biotin serves as our hair's natural food, so without it, our hair will go to unwanted thinning. So instead of just relying on biotin-enriched food, better take this Vitalfuse Biotin vitamin. 

It is rich in both biotin and calcium to boost your luscious locks and promote hair regrowth in just three weeks.

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