The TRUTH About Jennifer Lopez's 'Masked Man' -- REVEALED!

Jennifer Lopez recently posted a hot new gym mirror selfie. While the singer may be trying to show off her well-toned arms and those amazing abs, several netizens could not help but notice the masked man behind her. 

Is She In Danger?

J.Lo's new gym photo went viral when there appeared to be a masked man peeking through the actress' window. It got everyone worried. Who could the man behind the mask be?

Eagle-eyed fans were too quick to notice the masked man, and it stirred up hysteria. 

"What's up with JLo's IG pic here? What's with the dude in the back? They keep deleting comments asking about him," one fan posted on Twitter. 

Another fan wrote, "WHAT IS THIS?!?! WHO IS THIS?!"

More fans of the "Hustlers" actress took to social media to express their fear about the man who seemed to be peeking on the actress as she took that Instagram selfie. 

 "So are we not going to talk about the person behind her holding their mouth?" wrote one Instagram user who seemed bothered that nobody was trying to clarify the situation. 

Another one commented, "What's with the man with his mouth covered in the back bedroom??!!" 

Finally, a source close to both Jennifer Lopez and her fiance Alex Rodriguez told People the truth about the masked man behind her. 

The source said that what the fans saw was an actual Zoom meeting on the laptop screen. 

"Jen and Alex's gym is attached to their office space. When they have a Zoom meeting, they project it onto a big screen," the insider said.

The source went on to explain the image that the fans saw on Instagram. 

"You can see Alex's arm in the photo (he's wearing a blue shirt)," the source continued. "The man in the photo was a business associate on Zoom (on the big screen) and his hand was covering his mouth. That is not a mask."

Lopez has not yet commented about the masked man in her gym selfie. Still, her fans got a bit crazy, worrying perhaps about the singer's safety. 

Taking It Slow

In her most recent interview with People, the "On The Floor" singer revealed what quarantine time taught her. She said she has learned to embrace a slower space since the advent of the world health crisis. 

"I'm letting everything take a break - my hair, damaged from 20 years in the business; letting my nails breathe, and generally taking care of myself," she said. 

"We don't want to come out of this without growing."

Lopez is currently in quarantine with her former baseball pro fiance. They are joined by Alex's daughters Natasha and Ella and J.Lo's twins Emme and Max. Their mixed family is quietly enjoying life in their home in Florida. 

Lopez also revealed that she has found comfort in prayer and meditation during these troubling times. 

"It was fun at first to be comfortable, wear sweats, and have messy hair, but then you start feeling like a mess internally," Lopez said.

She went on to share how her quarantine days are spent. 

"So I think it's about getting up, having a routine, trying to exercise, keeping my skincare routine regular, and using this time to get better."

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