Prince Charles Devastated, Reveals Biggest Heartbreak Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Prince Charles

Prince Charles recently revealed one of the most devastating truths about the coronavirus pandemic: the cancellation of live performances of musicians and other artists has left everyone with a broken heart, including himself. 

A Special Tribute For The Arts

The Prince of Wales has always been known for his great love of the classics. With that said, he expressed his heartfelt concern for musicians, artists, and other show performers who have been greatly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. 

According to Express U.K., Charles dedicated a special radio show to orchestral performers. The radio show entitled "A Royal Appointment" is the second of two parts and will air on Classic FM on Tuesday. The program is a celebration of the royal's enjoyment of classical music. 

"It is heartbreaking to think of all the hard work that has gone into planning this year's concert seasons, the summer music festivals, the opera and ballet productions around the country, all of which have had to be canceled," Prince Charles said in the recording.

He went on to talk about how the cancellations have greatly affected the livelihood of these musicians. 

"You can imagine the effect on the lives and livelihoods of all those incredibly gifted musicians, singers, and dancers whom we are so fortunate to have in large numbers in this country. My heart goes out to them in these anxious times," the heir to the throne added.

However, the royal fan of classical performances expressed his great hope that things will soon be better again. 

"Now I have no doubt when we are finally allowed to enjoy concerts and theatrical performances once again, our brilliant orchestral players, singers, and dancers will be ready to thrill us all, their talents possibly shining all the brighter because of their enforced silence and absence," Prince Charles furthered.

Prince Charles also said that he remains hopeful that these performers could emerge from the lockdown with their talents better and much improved than it has ever been. When live shows are allowed again, the royal dreams he could watch them perform and shine brighter. 

At the end of Tuesday's recording, Prince Charles emphasized how truly heartbreaking it was to know there won't be any live shows for the rest of the year. 

"I'm sure they know how deeply they touch people's lives, so this entire program is dedicated to them as a tribute to the sheer joy and solace they bring us all," Prince Charles said.

Charles' First Love

The 71-year-old Prince has been very vocal about his love for gardening and everything natural. As a long-time advocate of climate action, he believes that plants and trees play a vital role in the world's battle against climate change. 

In his most recent message for the first virtual Chelsea Flower Show, the Prince of Wales revealed the critical role that plants play at the time of this world health crisis. 

Many people have reconnected with nature as they spend more time at home. If there is anything good that comes out of the pandemic, it is that people have gained a heightened appreciation for the greens around them. 

Some have discovered a new love for gardening and natural food production. 

Prince Charles is currently in isolation with his wife Camilla in their home in Birkhall. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the Prince of Wales continues to do his work, reaching out to people and helping them find comfort despite the uncertain times. 

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