Another day, another trolling moment for the OG #CoupleGoals David and Victoria Beckham. Even after 20 years of marriage, these two always make it a point to tease each other from time to time.

In their recent social media exchange, the 45-year-old former football hottie took a funny swipe on his wife's pearly whites.

It all started when their 15-year-old son, Cruz, shared a throwback photo of himself and his 46-year-old mom. In the photo, it looked like Cruz and Victoria just wrapped up a relaxing spa day and decided to mark the day with a mirror selfie.

While still wearing their all-white robe, Cruz and Victoria posed and smiled for the camera. Contrary to her signature fierce pose and gorgeous gaze, Cruz's Instagram entry showed a smiling Victoria Beckham while flashing her pearl white teeth.

"Apparently, my mum does smile," Cruz wrote alongside the said photo, which now has over 146,000 likes.

David's Trolling Moment

It only took an hour before the Beckham patriarch noticed the heartwarming photo and threw some heartstrings on it. Instead of sending Victoria a sweet message, David took it as an opportunity to once again made fun of his wife.

"How white are mums @victoriabeckham teeth?" David wrote, adding a tooth emoji.

"It's Ross from Friends," he added, referring to David Schwimmer's character on the hit 90s sitcom "Friends."

David's comment surely made their followers laugh, especially those diehard "Friends" fans who know the exact reference of his comment.

"Ross found his lobster hahahahaha!" one follower commented.

"I hope she didn't have a date with you that day and needed to use a bread to cover her mouth," another one said.

Meanwhile, some followers also pointed out that David will surely get what he deserves for trolling Victoria's teeth.

"This the night when @davidbeckham sleeps on the couch," one user wrote.

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 Apparently my mum does smile ️ A post shared by  C (@cruzbeckham) on May 26, 2020 at 4:02am PDT


Ross From Friends

David's comment was in reference to episode eight of season six when Ross Geller had an unfortunate experience after deciding to whiten his teeth.

The ever geeky paleontologist resorted to some DIY teeth whitening before going on a date. However, he overdid the whitening, and his teeth become distractingly white. Ross got some reinforcements from his sister, Monica, to help tone down his teeth color but failed miserably.

Ross ended up going on a date and just made hilarious strategies to cover up his teeth and avoid distracting his date.

Trolling Couple Goals

Earlier this year, the Beckham couple also made headlines after David revealed how his former "Spice Girls" wife took a selfie and did everything for the 'Gram.

In the video, David creeped behind his iPad screen to secretly capture Victoria in her element, trying to angle her face in the hopes of taking a perfect selfie worth posting on Instagram.

"Not sure what to concentrate on The Crown or my wife trying to get the perfect selfie," David wrote.

The pop icon turned beauty business mogul hilariously shifted from her seat, turned her head, and tried to catch good lighting just for a selfie, which made David's followers one good laugh.

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