Kanye West is using his talent as a rapper to share his spiritual journey, but it did not stop his biggest hater from calling him "morally bankrupt."

For years, Kanye has been sharing his faith through spiritual deeds and volunteer works. He once gave away free Bibles to people all over the world and even engaged himself to numerous Sunday services.

A source even told People that the 42-year old rapper spends most of his time studying and praying, and he is "extremely passionate about his faith" so he seeks to share it more with people on a regular basis.

However, not everyone is impressed with how he expresses his faith, so much so that he even received hate comments from DL Hughley recently.

In his recent interview with Vlad TV, Hughley criticized the "Jesus Is King" rapper and suggested that his spiritual journey is a sham.

"He's a tremendously talented dude but a morally bankrupt human being," Hughely slammed the rapper, perhaps referring to Kanye's infamous comment, "slavery was a choice."

"When albums didn't sell, this n***a sold God to n***as."

Aside from using his spiritual journey, Kanye's political affiliations also got into Hughley's nerves. He believes that the rapper "is too vain" to see any mistakes in his ways and make changes for the better.

DL Hughley A Kardashian Hater

Sure enough, it was not the first time the 57-year-old political commentator threw criticisms at Kim Kardashian's husband.

In one of his interviews in the past, Hughley said that Kanye has no real advisers and that he only appears smart to dumb people.

He also called out the KKW Beauty Mogul's prison reform work. According to him, Kim's choice to use her platform for the greater good is admirable, but her real agenda remains skeptical all through these years.

"Kim Kardashian meeting with the president to discuss prison reform makes sense," he began. "Who's screwed more Black dudes than her and the prison system?"

Hughley was also unimpressed when Kim worked so hard to free Alice Johnson, a non-violent offender serving a life sentence for drug charges. He said that Johnson's case only represented a photo opportunity for Kim, and the case was an easy task for her.

"This was the prisoner a reality star liked and a cause they could go behind that another reality star was sparked to," Hughley told Vlad TV in 2018.

Kanye Manipulating Fans?

Before Hughley's comments, R&B singer Tyrese shared his opinion about Kanye's sudden but unbelievable transition.

During his interview with Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked, Tyrese claimed that the rapper is using religion to manipulate fans, and he warned everyone who does the same thing that "God will deal with them."

"I'll never forget when they said when the world turns their back on you, meaning black people, all you gotta do is talk about Jesus, and you'll get whatever you want," Tyrese said. "They'll go from turning their back on you to rocking with you again. You just gotta heavily talk about Jesus."

Transitioning to a religious genre is something new for West and his audience, but Tyrese claimed that the rapper has a hidden agenda.

"But if you're using God as a form of manipulation, God knows your heart, and I don't care what kind of power and influence you have," he went on.

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