Why Amber Heard's Witness Is Refusing To Testify Live Vs. Johnny Depp -- REVEALED!

Amber Heard's witness is now refusing to speak up because of one terrifying reason.

Both Johnny Depp and Heard have been given enough time to prepare for the next trial of their toxic legal battle after it got canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On July 7, 2020, the "Aquaman" star's makeup artist Melanie Inglessis is set to give a live remote testimony about her 2019 declaration that supports Heard's claims.

According to Inglessis, she saw the actress' bruised face and cut lip before her appearance on "The Late Show With James Corden" in 2015.

"Amber repeatedly told me that she did not want to expose this part of her life to the public, and that she was considering canceling the appearance altogether," the makeup artist declared.

The makeup artist became friends with Heard when she began working with her in 2015, and she claimed that she witnessed injuries and signs of abuse "numerous times."

However, on May 16, Inglessis filed a motion in the California federal court asking Magistrate Judge Patrick J. Walsh to reverse his order that commands her to give a live testimony via video conference. She reasoned that she has been receiving death threats and online harassment despite being quiet about the issue.

"This case, and the related U.S. case, are high-profile matters involving international celebrities and are receiving intense media scrutiny," her legal adviser, Attorney Anya Goldstein, said. "Ms. Inglessis genuinely fears for her safety as it is. If she is forced to testify for NGN, and, by extension, for its controversial tabloid, The Sun, the threats and harassment she faces will undoubtedly escalate."

News Group wants to get her testimony between July 17 to 28 in Beverly Hills "even if stay-at-home orders remain in effect." However, Inglessis declared that her career as a celebrity makeup artist will be put in question if she is forced to testify publicly against the actor and about things she saw in Heard's home.

"As evidenced by a declaration that she signed in 2019, Ms. Inglessis' testimony is of critical importance at the trial," News Group's attorney Alexander Rufus-Isaacs wrote in an opposition filed to the court. "The alternative proposed by Ms. Inglessis (taking her deposition) is not acceptable because it would place Respondents at a significant disadvantage at trial."

Contradicting Statements?

Laura Divenere, one of Heard's closest confidantes, revealed to the Circuit Court of Fairfax County, Virginia that she never saw any injuries or bruises on Heard. Her statement was indeed far from Inglessis' sworn statement in 2019.

In a set of screenshots of Divenere's statement, she talked about the time when Heard claimed she suffered from Depp's abuse on May 21, 2016 -- the same date when the makeup artist was already working with Heard.

"I was with Amber and interacted with her frequently on the several days immediately following her abuse allegation ... including at least on May 23, 24, 25. On those days, I worked with Amber, retrieved packages for her, rode elevators with her, and saw her up close and in person," she recalled.

Far from what Heard claimed, Divenere debunked the actress' claims and disclosed that it was the actress who got verbally abusive toward her former assistant, Kate James.

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