Royal Tension No More: Kate Middleton Actually HAPPY Meghan Markle Left

Kate Middleton has been in lockdown with Prince William and their three kids in Anmer Hall over the last few months. Yet, she has impressively attended a number of official engagements as a senior member of the royal family.

While a recent report released by Tatler suggested that Kate has been struggling with all the extra workload she got when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle resigned as senior members of the royal family, her video calls do not really show that.

Kate Middleton Ready To Be Queen

When Prince Harry and Meghan decided to pursue an independent life outside of the royal family, Kate was the one who truly benefitted from their leaving. Not only was she able to get out of Meghan's shadow, but the press is finally seeing all the work that she is doing.

Before, the British press would also pin Kate against sister-in-law Meghan. The two have always been different. Kate was the epitome of grace and beauty. Meghan, on the other hand, was rather outspoken and rebellious in nature.

The media scrutiny Meghan was getting was just too much. In fact, they have written so much negative publicity about her that it became one of the reasons she and Prince Harry decided to resign from their royal duties.

Their resignation brought the spotlight back to Kate, who continues to work hard on behalf of the royal family. While taking care of her three young children, Kate has remained one of the Queen's most trusted allies to carry out the duties of a royal.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought nothing but challenges to everyone, including the royal family. And yet, it also became the perfect time for Kate to show her royal magic. Not only has she sent out messages of gratitude and hope, but she has provided comfort to everyone during this difficult time.

Kate has maintained her grace and poise while giving insight into how the royals are thriving amid the pandemic. Their home office in Anmer Hall became a familiar sight during video conferences. The recent images of the royal children have brought them closer to the public.

At this point, if there is anyone happier for Meghan leaving the royal picture, it is definitely Kate . Finally, there's no more rivalry anymore. The spotlight is on her and she only shows that she's ready to take on the role of future Queen.

In a video by Entertainment Tonight, royal expert katie Nicholl said as much, highlighting that the Duchess of cambridge was relieved that Meghan is gone.

"There was a sense of relief, I think for Kate particularly," Nicholl shared. "There was certainly tension behind the scenes, there were fallouts, there were tears."

Parenting Challenges During The Lockdown

Prince William and wife Kate Middleton have always wanted to become hands-on parents to their children. Despite their busy schedules as working members of the royal family, the two have always tried to be there to witness their children's milestones.

While the pandemic may have caused a lot of scares, it has also provided the royals with a little bit of extra time at home. Prince William admitted that being at home and teaching their kids has by far been the most challenging task he has to do.

Kate, on the other hand, also shared how Prince George gets upset whenever he sees his sister's schoolwork. He liked doing her sister's schoolwork because they are so much easier and much more fun.

At the moment, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are working together as they continue to homeschool their children. The interesting facts they share about their family shows everyone how the royals are much like everyone else in this pandemic.

This royal couple has brought the royal family closer to the public and that makes all the difference.

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