Prince Philip will soon celebrate an extraordinary milestone for reaching the age of 99. Although he and Queen Elizabeth II remain in isolation in Windsor Castle, the Duke of Edinburgh will get a chance to have a low-key celebration with the love of his life. 

While some people stuck in quarantine have been complaining about boredom for being stuck at home 24/7, the royal golden couple seems to have found a silver lining in each other's arms in the middle of a global pandemic. 

The 94-year-old monarch joined her husband in Windsor last March, and according to sources, Prince Philip has been nothing but an excellent company to the Queen the whole time. 

Aside from enjoying a quiet and peaceful time away from royal duties, the Duke is reportedly giving his beloved wife a fun time during lockdown by making her laugh with his inborn wittiness.

Prince Philip's Naughty Sense Of Humor

According to Majesty Magazine managing editor Joe Little, the only good thing brought by the coronavirus restriction is that Prince Philip can give Queen Elizabeth II the moral support that she needs. 

Little said that the Duke has been keeping her Majesty entertained with his naughty sense of humor. 

"He is such an important ingredient in her success and happiness. He makes her laugh, he's got a slightly naughty sense of humor, a sense of the ridiculous that keeps her amused," Little told Hello magazine.

"She will value that companionship much more than if he were at the other end of a telephone."

The royal expert said that Queen Elizabeth II has always been a very social type of Queen, so now that she was suddenly cut off from her usual dimension in life, Prince Philip is giving her the comfort that she needs.

"They clearly have the most enormously strong partnership, and I think a lot of the strength in the relationship comes from his independent mind," the expert added.

"He's not your conventional lovey-dovey husband. He's always been bracing and supportive to the Queen."

Meanwhile, Phil Dampier, author of "Prince Philip: Wise Words and Golden Gaffes," echoed the same sentimen and described the Duke of Edinburgh as someone who has "always had the ability to make (Her Majesty) laugh."

Low-Key Birthday Celebration

This coming June 10th, Prince Philip will be celebrating his 99th birthday. Aside from marking the day with a simple lunch, royal biographer Robert Lacey said that the couple will be spending the day taking video calls with their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. 

Lacey, the author of biographies "Monarch" and "Majesty," also said that the Duke has always been the "gadget man" in the royal family, so he will surely enjoy using modern technology to get in touch with their loved ones. 

The royal biographer added that Prince Phill will probably not mind having a low-key celebration as he has always been "suspicious of fuss" or making a fuss about his birthday. 

"That's always been his style. Lowkey, but tremendously solid support," Lacey told Hello Magazine.

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