Video Of 'Drunk' Johnny Depp Fighting With Amber Heard Re-Emerges! [WATCH]

Johnny Depp

As soon as Johnny Depp celebrated his birthday, an old footage of him yelling at Amber Heard while he was under the influence of alcohol re-emerged.

On June 9, Depp's name trended online not because of his ugly legal battle with his ex-wife, but because he turned 57. Deppheads began to recall the actor's previous roles and movies to wish him a happy birthday.

One of such greetings read, "#JohnnyDepp Happy Birthday to #Johnny depp one of the finest actors in the Film industry, multi-talented actor."

However, some people still tried to ruin his day by reposting an old, frightening leaked video of him in an early morning drunken rage.

In the home video shot by Heard, which was obtained by TMZ in 2016, the "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor can be seen breaking glasses and smashing up their kitchen while yelling at the actress.

The clip began with the actor screaming "Motherf*cker!" and kicking the cabinet door repeatedly.

Heard then came into the frame and asked him "What happened?" as he slammed doors and paced around their kitchen. Depp refused to answer her until the actress told her that "nothing happened" that morning.

"You mean to you? Nothing happened to you this morning," Depp screamed while breaking things.

Although Depp looked like uncontrollable already, the "Aquaman" actress continued to calm him down.

"You're right. I just woke up, and you were so sweet and nice. We were not even fighting this morning, all I did was say 'sorry'," Heard said before she covertly turned the camera towards her then-husband.

Depp then muttered, "You want to see crazy? I'll show you crazy."

In the clip, he emptied a bottle of red wine into an enormous crystal glass before throwing the empty bottle away. Heard asked him if he had been drinking that morning, but instead of answering, Depp snatched the phone after he noticed that she was filming.

According to the TMZ report, the video was allegedly recorded before the incident on May 21 of the same year -- when Depp reportedly terrorized and beat Heard.

The news outlet tried to reach Depp's camp that year, and they insisted that the whole video was a setup. The outlet also pointed out that it was heavily edited and that Heard can be seen provoking the actor.

Meanwhile, Heard issued a statement and defended herself. She denied leaking the video and added that she "underestimated the toll" of their divorce drama.

A few months later, the former couple agreed to have a $7 million divorce settlement. Instead of putting it into her pocket, Heard donated the huge amount to the American Civil Liberties Union and the Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

Just when they thought that everything between them had already been settled, Heard penned an op-ed article in The Washington Post titled "I Spoke Up Against Sexual Violence - And Faced Our Culture's Wrath That Has To Change." While Depp's name was not mentioned, it still dragged his name into a negative light.

In the end, it caused Depp to lose his Captain Jack Sparrow role in the award-winning film franchise "Pirates of the Caribbean."

Currently, the ex-couple are in an ugly legal battle again. However, the pandemic is causing delays to their scheduled trials.

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