The Internet is canceling German supermodel Heidi Klum for being "fatphobic" in one of the episodes of "America's Got Talent" 2020.

This came after the 47-year-old former Victoria's Secret angel buzzed on the aspiring dancer Amanda LaCount during her number on Todrick Hall's "Nails Hair Hips Heels."

Heidi Klum "Booed" By The Crowd

Klum was the only judge who hit the buzzer, and he immediately received a resounding "boo" from the crowd.

Fortunately, LaCount managed to end her audition and even gained a standing ovation from the audience and judges Sofia Vergara, Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell.

Prior to her performance, the 19-year-old Colorado native mentioned the struggles that she and her mom sacrificed just to pursue her dancing career.

LaCount recalled her experience in her early years when a studio director once told her mother she's not the ideal type of dancer and that she "didn't fit" the team.

Heidi Klum Accused Of Fat-Shaming

Shortly after, AGT fans flocked to Twitter to express their disapproval towards the former "Project Runway" host.

"I don't care how Heidi Klum justifies that buzzer. I am canceling you #AGT," one user wrote, while another fan savagely questioned Klum's maturity.

"#HeidiKlum Wow. Fat-shaming a young girl on #agt. You are old enough to know better! Good for Simon who saw the dancer's spirit when all you saw was her weight."

Heidi Klum
(Photo : Twitter)
Heidi Klum
(Photo : Twitter)

One concerned fan even accused the blonde beauty of "bullying" the 19-year-old contestant.

"@heidiklum #AGT what you did to that dancer that you said no to was a form of bullying!! Most of the acts on the show are not "Million dollar acts"! She needed to be validated by all of you for her courage and work. Glad the audience saved her by changing Howie's !mind!"

It is worth noting, however, that multiple reports mentioned that fellow judge Howie Mandel was about to hit the X buzzer on LaCount but decided not to do so due to the reaction of the crowd towards the supermodel.

Amanda Lacount: Multi-Talented Teen With A Heart of Gold

As for the Colorado-born dancer, this is not the first time that she performed to a large crowd.

Based on her Instagram with over 260,000 followers, she was able to do choreography gigs with famous celebrities such as Meghan Trainor during her Radio Disney Music Awards. She also danced in Katy Perry's "Swish Swish" music video featuring Nicki Minaj.

Aside from being a professional hip hop dancer and choreographer, she is also a singer, model, actress, and activist against body shaming.

Moreover, LaCount founded her own movement #breakingthestereotypewhich supports body positivity and breaking the stigma that only thin and athletic figure-type people can be a dancer.

Meanwhile, in her recent IG post, she shared a lengthy caption as she addressed the mixed reaction by the AGT judges. She went on and mentioned how thrilled she was when Cowell spoke to her backstage regarding her performance.

"I have been dealing with body shamers and people like Heidi thinking I'm not good enough for years but I'm going to make her eat her words! Also, the fact that Simon took the time to come backstage and talk to me about my performance means a lot, LaCount wrote.

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