It has been 26 years since the hit comedy sitcom "FRIENDS" first debuted in September 1994, but fans can't stop rewatching the quarter-life crisis of six adults living in Manhattan. 

When the clean freak Monica Geller told the privileged daddy's girl Rachel Green, "Welcome to the real world! It sucks - you're going to love it," most people can connect to that.

What makes the classic sitcom so lovable is that viewers can relate to their misfortunes and triumphs. From the dead-end jobs and being in the lower-income bracket that Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe had been struggling to live in, they managed to be the realistic depiction of 20-something adults living in the big city. 

Moreover, Jennifer Anniston once mentioned in her interview with Grazia magazine that being in the series was a "blessing and a curse."

It's pretty obvious that her role skyrocketed her career in the entertainment industry to the point that everybody wants to copy her signature haircut called "The Rachel," which is a shoulder-skimming length, layers, and golden highlights. It remained the most popular hairstyle for at least a couple of years and still relevant up to this time. 

If "The Rachel" haircut can't convince you to relive your dream, maybe now is the time to collect merch from the classic TV series "FRIENDS."

Friends: The Complete Series Collection (25th Anniversary/Repackaged/DVD)

First on the list is this DVD copy of the whole series. Although there's always online video streaming such as Netflix, it's nice to have a hard copy of your favorite sitcom, right? 

Complete with 10 seasons, you can now re-watch and binge the life of Rachel, Joey, Monica, Phone, and Ross right in your home. 

Friends Coaster Set

Don't you love to have a cup of coffee in the morning and the next thing you see is a set of "FRIENDS" inspired coaster?

This product is 100% handmade designs of the most popular props, slangs, dialogues, and characters from the series.

It's not just aesthetic, but it's also functional since it has a non-slip hard bottom and is made of plastic and high-gloss finish. 

Friends TV Show "How U Doin?" Heat Change Coffee Mug

Portrayed by Matt LeBlanc, Joey Tribbiani -- a struggling actor in New York -- is definitely one of the funniest characters on the "Friends" cast. 

His famous pick-up line is "How you doin" and although it doesn't really mean anything, it's his way of asking a woman how she's doing in some sort of dirty tone which makes it kind of awkward. 

With this heat change coffee mug, you can reminisce about the iconic scene and as a bonus, it turns green and shows the New York skyline when it turns hot. Pretty cool, right? 

50pcs Friends TV Show Theme Stickers

Bedazzle your laptop with these "Friends" theme stickers! Made from superior vinyl PVC, the print won't easily fade out. 

Aside from laptops, it can also stick to backpacks, skateboards, luggage, water bottles, and more. 

Summer Short Sleeve Funny Graphic T-Shirt 

Last on the list is a T-shirt merch of "Friends."

Made of cotton and polyester material, it is stretchy and comfortable to wear. It also comes in white, which you can style for running errands, workout, or even for work -- you just need a blazer and you are good to go! 

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