It's now hard to imagine a world without a certain Kim Kardashian West and her entire family. 

We have known their entire family since the mid-2000s, and it's all really thanks to Kim that they have reached the maximum level of popularity now. 

Kim Kardashian West currently has a net worth of $350 million, according to Forbes. She is the second top-earning Kardashian-Jenner, next to the youngest sister, Kylie Jenner, whose worth "roughly" around $900 million. 

"Keeping Up with the Kardashians" was first aired in 2007, and since then, fans are still not tired of the family as the famous family's reality show now has eighteen seasons in total. 

All sisters are reportedly getting the same amount of salary now, compared to the previous seasons. 

Aside from their successful reality show, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe Kardashian, Kylie, Kendal, and Kris Jenner have also become successful businesswomen thanks to social media. 

Each Kardashian-Jenner member has millions and millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram. 

Aside from that, they also have their own brands. 

Kim has her SKIMS shapewear solutions line, a mobile app game and KKW Beauty for makeup and fragrance. 

Kylie Jenner owns 49% of Kylie Skin and Kylie Cosmetics, but is still the creative and marketing director for the company. 

Kendall Jenner is one of the highest-paid models in the world. 

Kourtney Kardashian has Poosh, a lifestyle website. 

Khloe owns a denim line Good American. 

While many people acknowledge that Kim Kardashian West's career is quite fortunate, one person doesn't seem to agree. 

Her eldest daughter North West has reportedly asked her famous mom to change her job to something else. 

The 7-year-old has been attending a school like most of her age. 

Though it has not been revealed which school she goes to, Distractify reported that she and her cousin Penelope Disick, Kourtney's daughter, are students at the prestigious Sierra Canyon School. 

It's the same school Kendall and Kylie Jenner had also attended when they were younger. 

According to E! News, North West reportedly wants Kim to come work at her school. 

"North begs me. She's like, Why can't you work at my school? It's not fair! I want you to work at my school.'" North has allegedly told her social media influencer mom. 

"She's so upset about it 'cause her best friend's mom is the PE coach, and she's one of my closest friends."

Though the mother-of-four said she explained it to her eldest child, she had to say this. 

"'Well, what happens when you move grades? I'm going to be stuck in this grade. I can't keep going with you to every grade.' It's her dream for me to work at school." Kim revealed. 

While it's unclear if North is fully aware of her mother's fame, Kim Kardashian has revealed that she has plans on changing her career path in the next several years. 

This means she could really give up her reality TV show and fame for good. 

The 39-year-old has recently been involved in prison reformand has been advocating for those who she believes has been maltreated by the criminal justice system in the US. 

Right now, the beauty mogul is currently studying law in hopes of passing California's bar exam and later on become an attorney. 

Speaking to Vogue Arabia, Kim Kardashian revealed she doesn't want fame as she desired before, as her focus now in her life is different, and she could even see herself giving up what she has now in the future. 

"My goal would be in 10 years to give up being Kim K and just focus on this and be an attorney and fight for so many deserving people."

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