Just recently, rumors dropped that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are headed towards a divorce given all the fighting they do during the lockdown. They reportedly could not stand each other's company at this level of frequency and as a result, on each other's throats for all sorts of petty reasons.

A new rumor now fuels the fire. Another day, another divorce rumor it seems - until it comes true? 

However, according to this new report, if the two would head towards divorce, this would not be due to the lockdown BUT THE LIFTING of it. Why? Because this means Nicole Kidman is going to back to work, and back to a co-star who Keith Urban feels threatened by.

Alexander Skarsgard, Nicole Kidman's sexy co-star in "Big Little Lies."

According to New Idea, the two might have reached their 11th wedding anniversary this week, but this does not mean the two are happy, no matter what they are showing on social media. Behind closed doors, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are not just fighting all the time over the small things, but are getting into tense discussions about the pending return to work of Kidman.

Kidman is reportedly set to do a movie with Alexander Skarsgard, one that is too steamy for Urban's liking. Reportedly, this reunion is a bane to Kidman and Urban's already tumultuous relationship. New Idea learned from a source that Nicole's kiss with Alexander back in 2017, in full view of Keith during the 2017 Emmys had caused some damage to the marriage already. Playful or not, even if Skasgard is Kidman's on-screen husband on "Big Little Lies," the kiss felt disrespectful and threatening to Urban.

Now that Kidman is fully determined to work on the new Viking movie "The Northman" with Skarsgard, Urban cannot help but feel worried. More so when it would span 19 weeks in a closed set shoot! 

According to a source, Keith Urban cannot believe that no one, including his wife, thinks there is something wrong with what is happening or the movie reunion between the two. "He was disturbed by that kiss and rightly so given that so were half the people in the room at the Emmys," the source added.

Even though Kidman has already reassured him that the kiss meant nothing, said that she understands where Keith is coming from and even promised not to do the same again, this reunion with her co-star is throwing all her words down the drain. More so when Kidman reportedly said that she and Alexander shared intense chemistry on screen. Who knows if this can translate to stronger chemistry behind the scenes?

The source close to Keith claimed that the singer hates the idea of his wife cuddling up on a windy clifftop with Alex as a Viking. FOr a while, Urban might have even hoped that the film would be permanently canceled given the COVID-19. According to a source though, even if "The Northman" production stopped because of the crisis, Kidman has been holed up in her office most of the time talking to co-stars about the movie's future, one virtual meeting after another! 

There is no stopping this reunion unless Kidman truly takes stock of what Urban is feeling.

Not only does Keith worries about Urban reuniting with her sexy co-star, but he is also reportedly irked by Kidman's obvious glee during these virtual meetings. He can constantly hear her laughing loudly from her office and as a result, he became distracted from his planning of a comeback tour after the pandemic is over. 

With so many issues cropping up because of the coronavirus pandemic, one can only wonder if the first thing they do after all of this is over is to file for a divorce. 

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