Meghan Markle KICKED OUT From Prince Charles' Birthday? [VIDEO]

A rare footage of Meghan Markle allegedly getting kicked out from Prince Charles' party emerged, and netizens are now wondering why.

Earlier this month, the royal family news about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle planning Megxit soon after their marriage began to circulate online.

This came after royal author Lady Colin Campbell claimed that Prince Harry and Meghan's fallout with the royals started shortly after the two tied the knot. She is said to reveal more stories in her upcoming book "Meghan and Harry: The Real Story."

Lady C also claimed that "a household name with impeccable palace connections" reportedly told her what happened days after the two got married.

According to the royal author, something happened when Prince Charles held the very first garden party at Buckingham Palace for his 70th birthday on May 22, 2018. 

She also told Daily Star earlier this June that she felt "absolutely gobsmacked and astonished" when she heard it. However, aside from that information, she refused to explain exactly what happened during that time.

Her statements stirred the royal watchers' curiosity that they started to investigate what may have happened.

On June 15, a Twitter user retweeted a video of Prince Harry and Meghan walking away from other guests of Prince Charles' garden party. They shared it alongside the caption, "Here is the video where Charles seems to tell Harry it's time to leave."

Another netizen, who originally posted the 45-second clip in October 2019, dropped the video and said, "Remember the garden party held in honour of Charles' 70th? And #themarkles were asked to leave 40 min in because of Meghan's behavior? They were escorted out along with their entourage. M was not happy!"

Because of the revelation, Twitter users started to theorize why the Duke and Duchess of Sussex left the party. Some even suggested that Prince Charles kicked them out due to Meghan's behavior.

What Happened On The Clip?

On the short clip, Meghan was caught sticking her tongue out after Prince Harry got distracted by a bee while giving a speech to recognize his father's accomplishments.

Camilla, who stood next to her, allegedly felt upset towards her behavior.

One Twitter user suggested that Prince Harry and Meghan may have been asked to leave after the Duchess "inappropriately took gifts and stuck out her tongue at Camilla."

Meanwhile, though the clip's audio is little audible, one can hear the heir to the throne saying goodbye to the royal couple before Camilla kissed them both to bid farewell.

This contradicted Lady Colin's claim, however, that there was a misunderstanding that day.

"I think people were celebrating the newly [wed] couple more than PC's [Prince Charles] 70th and that was the problem, no disrespect to Lady C," one netizen said.

Whether Prince Charles kicked them out or not, it is worth noting that Meghan's alleged horrifying behavior towards the royal staff made her earn nicknames like "Me-Gain", the "Duchess of Difficult", and "Di 2" or "Di Lite".

Her unreasonable attitude when she found out that Prince Harry would never be king also reportedly prompted their relocation to Frogmore Cottage.

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