Can Felicity Huffman get her career back? Why wouldn't she when she completely owned up to her mistake and went to jail for it? Unfortunately, this only happens in an ideal world.

The actress is said to be struggling to make comeback.

Allegedly, Huffman's latest movie flopped. The "disgraced" actress is reportedly now scared to death that her whole career is over and done with. The former "Desperate Housewives" actress has shared to her closest friends this fear after her hopes that her latest flick "Tammy's Always Dying" would help fans forget what happened to her.

But it did not. The reviewers skewered the movie and now it has become even more cemented in the minds of fans that Felicity Huffman is already cancelled in the industry, at least according to National Enquirer July 6 issue

An insider said, "critics savaged Felicity's performance, and the movie scored just as poorly."  With her esteem already at an unprecedented low and her anxiety up to the roof that her career is already done for, "the public pounding was certainly the last thing she needed," the source added.

It can be remembered that the once renowned actress served a total of 11 days behind bars back in 2019 for the involvement she admitted to having, on one of the biggest college scandals to date. She confessed to paying $15,000 to have a fixer raise her daughter's SAT scores to get into the preferred college.

She was quick to own up, which makes her very different from the other big personalities accused. She said that she only did it for her daughter, but she realized her grave mistake now. 

She knows that the jail time and the scandal in general would bring her career down. That is why some said she had been extra active in certain public activities to repair her tarnished reputation. "Since her release, Felicity has become involved in prison reform efforts and an organization called The Teen Project," one source explained. This organization is designed to assist at-risk homeless people as well as sex-trafficked young women. 

She also hoped fervently that her latest project would launch the next step in her career, and erase what 2019 did to her, pals said, but unfortunately, the complete opposite happened.

In this movie, she plays a toxic alcoholic battling cancer, which in normal circumstances would probably get her a nod of approval. After all, she earned an Oscar nod for her 2005 "Transamerica" performance as well as won an Emmy for her "Desperate Housewives" acting. But this time, critics just ripped into her acting, calling it "awkward, wooden, and boring."

With such a damaging review, a ripple effect could be expected. If casting directors were worried in the past what would happen if they cast someone with a tainted reputation but good acting abilities, they would now think twice because her acting prowess is now questioned. Now they would ask if it is worth It to even hire her, if she has a controversial reputation and doubtful acting skills at the same time. 

The actress is yet to comment on the report. Check out the trailer for "Tammy's Always Dying." 


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