Say what? Lea Michele and Zandy Reich already tired of each other? They married back in 2019 and now, they are allegedly starting to have marriage troubles.

According to Star USA, Lea Michele is still reeling from how her former "Glee" co-stars turned against her and revealed her true nature on set. It started with Samantha Marie Ware, who claimed Michele turned her life into a living hell while on set.

While that was shocking enough, it was even more surprising to see others following suit. They claimed that the "Scream Queens" star was typically horrific to work with. Michele did not bother denying when so many have already spoken up. She quickly apologized for her behavior, but internally, the scandal hurt her and now her, marriage.

Sources claimed that Michele is distraught that her good-girl image has been ruined. With the world in the middle of a pandemic, it's not likely she can just get into new projects and clean her reputation soon. As a result of her distress, she had been extra-difficult to get along with at home, allegedly. She is said to be taking out her frustrations on her husband, Zandy. this naturally does not bode well with the businessman, especially since they are in lockdown and spending so much time together. 

The source added that Zandy does not know how to calm Lea down when she gets into her moods. The actress is very "short-tempered and hormonal," Star magazine learned. 

 People magazine reported that Lea is already pregnant though, and this can be adding to her moodiness. However, the source is adamant that the actress simply does not care for her marriage as much as she cares about repairing her image as soon as possible. "People are worried she's neglecting Zandy," explained the source. "But Lea thinks it's unfair that this is happening when shes about to have her first child."  

Lea and Zandy were first romantically linked back in July 2017. The following April, Reich already proposed, which Michele quickly accepted. Theirs was a whirlwind romance if one thinks about it, but of course, this does not immediately negate the validity of their love. Michele was presented with a four-carat elongated radiant cut ring that Zandy even personally designed, with the help of Leor Yerushalmi and The Jewelers of Las Vegas.

What Star reported does not align with what E! claimed back in May.

According to E!, the two are having a great time, even in the middle of this pandemic. A source said that Lea is having an "incredible" experience being pregnant because there are not a lot of distractions. 

"Lea has wanted to take it easy for the first part of her pregnancy," the insider shares. "She has really enjoyed being present and getting to soak in being pregnant without distractions." 

This means not working out, which she had been rigorously doing before she was pregnant. She had been taking leisurely walks instead 

But then, the accusations of her being rude and cruel at set did not happen up until June. So her whole internal psyche could have changed

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