America's (former) favorite talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and her namesake program faced a massive fallout in the past few weeks leading to rumors that both could be canceled for good. 

It is after the 17-year-old program's ratings dropped by 14 percent in June. According to TVNewsCheck, it has been the lowest rating (1.2 percent) of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" in its entire 27 seasons.

While Ellen's program is at the brink of cancellation, several rival programs (including "The Kelly Clarkson Show") are gaining the benefits in the rating game.

There are also whispers going on that the TV network's management is now looking to kick out Ellen and thinking of possible options like Kristen Bell, Kevin Hart, Neil Patrick Harris and Chrissy Teigen as her replacement. 

The show's viewership began to drop after the 62-year-old famous host became a subject of several accusations made by former employees, colleagues and guests. They claimed that Ellen is a different person off-cam and even labeled her as the "meanest" and rudest person alive. 

Because of the growing speculations about canceling Ellen's show, the production company finally spoke up to set the record straight. 

Speaking to the New York Post,bthe company shut down all the cancellation rumors and said: "Telepictures can confirm it's untrue."

Twitter Cancel Culture

Ever since the coronavirus lockdown restriction began, Ellen has been one of the main targets of Twitter's "cancel culture" for allegedly being the meanest person alive. It all started in April when her staff accused her of keeping their salary and job hanging after the show was put on hold due to COVID-19. 

It was followed by the negative experiences shared by a beauty vlogger while guesting on the show and Ellen's former bodyguard describing her as a "demeaning" person. 

This led comedian Kevin T. Porter to encourage his Twitter followers to share their "insane stories" about Ellen in exchange for a $2 donation to L.A. Food Bank. 

It gained thousands of replies, including one from T.V. writer Benjamin Siemon claiming that people are required to chew gum before talking to Ellen as she has a very sensitive sense of smell. 

"If she thinks you smell that day, you have to go home and shower," Siemon wrote.

Meanwhile, a restaurant server claims that Ellen wrote a letter to the company's owner for complaining about her chipped nails. The complaint almost got her fired from the job.

While Ellen has not addressed any of the issues and the accusers have failed to give substantial proof to support their claims, the internet immediately jumped on the "hate and cancel culture" against the host. DeGeneres was not even given a chance to redeem herself. 

Ellen's Struggle

According to a source, Ellen has been struggling to deal with these negative criticisms and thought it would simply go away.

"Ellen is at the end of her rope," a source told Us Weekly"She thought this was all just sour grapes from a few haters. But it's not a passing thing - the hits just keep coming."

The award-winning host is reportedly leaning on her wife, Portia de Rossi, and some trusted friends throughout this battle.

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