Queen Elizabeth Destroyed: Meghan Markle Exposes Queen's Lack of Compassion in Several Ways

The battle of Meghan Markle versus the Associated Newspapers Limited continues, but down on the stands, one person is extremely disturbed by all of the bombshell legal documents being thrown in the way. 

Meghan Markle 'Unprotected' During Pregnant

Meghan Markle had claimed that she felt unprotected by the royal family when she was pregnant. 

Because she was also unable to defend herself, her five friends, who are said to be concerned for her welfare, did much of the fighting for her. 

The Duchess of Sussex claimed that she had felt some "tremendous emotional distress" by the media coverage, and Kensington Palace and the rest of the royal family were mum about the entire thing. 

Meghan Markle is set to see her dad, Thomas Markle, in court in the next few weeks. 

Dad Not Manipulated After All?

Documents that were released yesterday, obtained by The Sun, revealed that the 38-year-old's case would no longer allege that the press manipulated Thomas Markle. 

Meghan Markle's lawyers have deleted the allegation that the Mail On Sunday and MailOnline have "harassed and humiliated" her dad into giving interviews. 

Claims that the media has started a dispute between the father-daughter duo, which resulted in him missing the royal wedding, have also been axed from the document. 

The legal documents will only show that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have shared several texts with her dad, just before the ceremony at Windsor Castle. 

Meghan Markle Made Britain 'Richer'

Unfortunately, Markle suffered a heart attack and wasn't able to attend the wedding, and since then, he and her daughter haven't spoken since. 

The former "Suits" star claimed that her royal wedding to Prince Harry made Britain $1.25 billion in tourism cash.

Meghan Markle believed that the money raised from the royal wedding in May 2018 "far outweighed" the contribution stumped up by the taxpayer towards security. 

The Duchess of Sussex's legal team has also stated that their wedding was not publicly funded, but instead, "personally financed by HRH The Prince of Wales." 

In the documents submitted by her team, they said that the public costs incurred for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding were for security and crowd control purposes so that they can protect the British people. 

Queen Elizabeth II Distressed  

Meghan Markle's shocking court claims about feeling unprotected by the British royal family is said to be a "disturbing reading" for Queen Elizabeth II. 

Along with Prince Charles, Prince William and Kate Middleton may also be extremely distressed by the Duchess of Sussex's new information.

Archie Harrison's mom has made several claims about her time in the royal family, that according to an editor, "it's unfortunate." 

The Mirror's editor, Russell, told Good Morning Britain, "These are a part of a lot of claims that Meghan wants to air in public as part of her spectacular fallout with the royals since they've left for the US." 

With the host thinking that now with bridges seemed to be rebuilt between the Sussexes and the royal family, she wonders if this new information will destroy it all over again. 

"They are disturbing reading for the royal family, and they will be very distressed." 

"Certainly, these claims that she felt unprotected, especially when pregnant, will be very distressing indeed for the Queen," Russell revealed. 

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