Keith Urban Heartbreak: Nicole Kidman Divorce Can Make Him Lose Big

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are allegedly on the rocks these days, for so many reasons. Since the two have not been speaking up about their relationship at all in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, it is hard to know which  of these rumors is true. 

According to New Idea however, if in case Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban do get a divorce after all these fighting, irritation, and jealousy, the two would have a big problem of dividing up assets and determining what one owes the other. 

Ironically, the two had a prenup agreement! 

The news outlet reported that even if they try to portray as being in love all the time, Keith and Nicole would be the first to admit that they are not likely to last forever. They have anticipated that one day, they would fight, and eventually divorce. Their prenuptial agreement was the  evidence of this. 

Couples marrying each other usually forego having one because they believe that this would make their marriage feel less romantic and less genuine, but when one talks of massive wealth that Nicole had, a prenup is just normal.  

However, New Idea found that this prenup does not hold water. Some secret clause immediately made the prenuptial agreement null and void in their first year of marriage!

As such, now that they are facing rough patches on their marriage, if and when they decide to get a divorce, a prenup does not help them avoid the messy affairs of getting their finances divided properly, which is usually why divorcing couples end up hating each other.

What is this clause? Apparently, when the prenup agreement was drawn up, there were stipulations that Keith must not relapse into his alcohol addiction. The prenup agreement did not specifically say they would not touch each other's finances, which is usually the case. Instead, since Nicole was bigger than Keith at the time of their union, the prenup stated that Keith, upon marrying Nicole, was entitled to $600,000 for every year that they were married. Had Keith stuck through his end of the bargain, he would have gotten richer by the year. 

He broke his sobriety record just months into their marriage. He even had to undergo rehab. Should the talks of their tensions be true, and the two legally separate, Keith might not get a cent,. According to the source, "if there are genuine talks of divorce between them, this is going to be hugely complicated to work through." The source added, "I guess on paper she doesn't owe him a cent."

However, because the two did spent years together and Keith is the father of Nicole's two kids, the actress would still"ake sure the father of her girls get a fair deal."

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are reportedly fighting all the time in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. With things presently so stagnant and uncertain, Nicole Kidman reportedly finds herself with too much time on her hands, and an overly active mind.

One allegation is that she cannot keep the Keith Urban rumors away from her thoughts and these are triggering her to be moody and all angsty when seeing her husband around her. 

Another is that. lockdown has them in each other's throats at the smallest of things. Another claimed that Keith Urban cannot stand the thought that Kidman would once more work with her co-star in Big Little Lies, Alexander Skarsgård, when they have previously kissed not just in front of him, but a room full of audience. 

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