Celebrities like Olivia Munn, whose physique is indeed too hot to be ignored, can immediately fish attention from netizens online.

In fact, on July 3, Munn received so much love from her followers as she celebrated her 40th birthday.

The "Love Wedding Repeat" actress shared a video of herself flaunting her sexy bikini with a waterfall in the background.

Her 2.6 million followers witnessed how she could look cute and sexy at the same time after she made the peace sign while moving her hips around.

However, she accidentally tripped and stumbled back into the water before clutching her ankle in pain.

"2020 strikes again. Anyway, thanks for the birthday wishes!" she captioned the post.

Instead of whining how painful it was, Munn poked fun at herself and continued celebrating her birthday.

Many of her followers laughed along with Munn in the comments section, including dancer Amanda Kloots and fashion designer Rachel Zoe.

One fan asked her if she is okay before adding, "My birthday Twinkie!!! It's my birthday tooo! Hope you had the best dayyy!"

"Omg your body girl !!!! Damn! What's your secret ??" another one wrote.

Though she can be clumsy at times, Munn can also be serious online, most especially when it comes to sensitive topics like the coronavirus pandemic.

Munn Takes Massive Step To Fight Against COVID-19

Last week, Munn collaborated with B.C.'s top doctor, Dr. Bonnie Henry, for a special assignment concerning COVID-19.

Dr. Henry took over the star's Instagram account in pursuit of fighting the spread of COVID-19 misinformation online.

"There are some people you need to hear from right now and it isn't me," Munn said in the update. "I am handing over my account to an expert on all things COVID-19."

The initiative is part of ONE's ONE World Campaign to call for a global response to COVID-19. Paul David "Bono" Hawson founded ONE in 2007 to fight against global preventable diseases and poverty.

The campaign, called #PasstheMic, is a collaboration between celebrities and medical experts to urge people not to contribute the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Dr. Henry shared special messages on Munn's account all day, and it was indeed successful considering the fact that the actress has millions of followers.

"We need to learn and take the best from each other and each of our pandemic experiences," the top doctor said in the video post. "Rich or poor, we need to support each other so no one is left behind."

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As #COVID19 cases continue to increase around the world, it’s more important than ever for us to stay informed and keep looking out for each other. We need to hear from more experts who can share expertise and a global perspective on how to cope and recover from this pandemic together. Today I am thrilled to #PassTheMic and hand over my account to one of these amazing experts, Dr. Bonnie Henry. Dr. Henry is the Provincial Health Officer for British Columbia (@BCGovNews @CDCofBC) and one of Canada’s leading public health experts. She has worked internationally, including with the WHO/UNICEF polio eradication program in Pakistan and with the World Health Organization to control the Ebola outbreak in Uganda. She’s a specialist in public health and preventative medicine, and is here to share why it’s important for us to work together to defeat COVID-19 and how we can help take care of our communities. To join a coordinated global response to COVID-19, demand actio RAC n at @ONE. ONE World. ONE Global Response. #oneworld #passthemic A post shared by  Olivia Munn (@oliviamunn) on Jun 30, 2020 at 8:02am PDT

Previously, Dr. Henry already stated that coronavirus "has shown us that if it is anywhere, everywhere is at risk. We are a global community, and we're all in the same storm, but we are not all in the same boat."

As Olivia Munn and Dr. Henry's joined forces, the organizers of the campaign hopes that the correct information would finally spread out and help in the fight against the dreaded disease.

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