The sudden surge of COVID-19 cases worldwide caused everyone to give up their hobbies and stay inside their homes to control the spread of the virus.

However, prolonged isolation can affect not only our physical and emotional states, but also our mental health. You can do some activities to keep your mind busy and away from anxiety during such tough times. However, there is nothing better than sitting on your favorite couch with your one hand holding a coffee cup while the other is flipping a book.

If you cannot roam around your favorite bookstores yet, you can grab one of these from Amazon. Once you have a book at your doorstep, you will surely grow more amid the pandemic.

Defending Raven (Mountain Mercenaries Book 7) Kindle Edition

Defending Raven
(Photo : Susan Stoker/AMAZON)

This award-winning book by New York Times bestselling author Susan Stoker is about alpha heroes going on their boldest mission to find a missing woman.

If you are into adventures, you can accompany Rex as he searches for his wife, Raven, who disappeared from a Vegas Casino 10 years ago.

A story about losing someone and finding them again, "Defending Raven" will surely touch your heart and wake up the feelings you forgot a long time ago.

This Is My America

This Is My America
(Photo : Kim Johnson )

Kim Johnson's "This Is My America" is indeed an incredible and searing story you should read this pandemic.

The 17-year-old Tracy Beaumont will teach you racial injustices inside the American justice system. The main character contacts an organization that can help her save her innocent Black father on death row.

While she is in pursuit of saving her dad, Tracy discovers something that pushes her to trace Texas' racist history.

The Body: A Guide for Occupants

The Body: A Guide for Occupants
(Photo : Bill Bryson/AMAZON)

Who says you cannot study the human body while a crisis is going on? Bill Bryson made "The Body: A Guide for Occupants" that offers a head-to-toe tour of the human body.

"We pass our existence within this wobble of flesh and yet take it almost entirely for granted," Bryson writes. With that statement, you will inevitably learn your own body's ability to heal itself and the things that can damage its functions at the same time.

The Body will keep you company during this pandemic by providing you wondrous and amazing facts and information.

Me: Elton John Official Autobiography

Me: Elton John Official Autobiography
(Photo : Elton John/AMAZON)

If you are a fan of Elton John, grabbing his first and only official autobiography will comfort you!

Music icon Elton John reveals the truth through this book -- from his extraordinary life to his rollercoaster career. Aside from talking about his life, The Rocketman's book also mentioned a lot of personalities, including Michael Jackson.

To give you a sneak peek, an excerpt from this book will provide you with some surprising details about Jackson.

In the book, Elton details one of the disturbing instances he experienced with Michael Jackson. When he invited Jackson in one of his dinner parties, Elton later found him with his 11-year-old son, quietly playing video games. It was also witnessed by John's housekeeper, making him realize that MJ could not stay with adults at all.

If you want to know more about Elton's times with Jackson and other celebrities, you should add this to your cart now!

The Vanishing Half: A Novel

The Vanishing Half: A Novel
(Photo : Brit Bennett/AMAZON)

New York Times-bestselling author Brit Bennett brings you a timeless and influential novel with her book "The Vanishing Half: A Novel."

This book introduces an emotional family story in the past while brilliantly exploring American history. Furthermore, a whole new experience of fresh sensitivity regarding African-Americans lives will surely change your life.

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