Is Johnny Depp losing his case against Amber Heard? The actor is accused of suffering from blackouts whenever he got violent with Amber Heard; thereby he could have hurt her without his knowing.

If true, then he literally loses.

The firm star, has been accused of suffering blackouts because of his excessive drinking and substance abusing, and as a result, does not recall being violent even if he was. 

In his second day in the witness box at the high courts in London, the "Pirates of Caribbean" actor faced head-on the allegations that he was self-destructive and jealous of his ex, Amber Heard. Allegedly, these cause him to be violent towards heard in the course of the four-year relationship. 

It's actually a libel case, one wherein Depp is the one doing the suing. The party sued is the News Group Newspapers and its executive director, Dan Wootton.

Depp was furious to be called a "wife beater," something he deemed the newspaper was being libelous about, causing him to sue. The newspaper even said that there was overwhelming evidence, which triggered the actor to file the lawsuit. 

The libel case is anticipated to last three weeks. Heard naturally was on the side of the newspaper and has submitted detailed accounts of the 14 times he has assaulted her. The actor says none of these are true.

Johnny Depp Blackouts

However, his stance is now being questioned on the basis of him having a blackout experience causing him to kick Amber Heard in the back. Sasha Wass QC said he must have suffered a blackout while on a flight on a private jet from Boston to Los Angeles in May 2015, causing him to be violent and not remember. Wass is representing the Sun. 

"You had a blackout, didn't you? ... You may have done some things you don't remember," Wass alleged. 

Depp DID NOT deny the allegations of him having blacked out. But he is sure that he did not kick anyone. ""I do have some memories of the flight ... I'm not a violent person, especially not with women ... I deny that I kicked her in the back."

An email rom the actor was then read out loud to the court regarding the incident. Despite his denial right now, he admitted in the email that he has stayed up drinking the night before and taking powders, something the court take as cocaine. Depp at the time wrote that because he had two more bottles of champagne on the flight, he became an "angry, aggro Injun." 

Another text further implicated him. His text appeared to apologize to Heard for the incident that the actor is now denying. The actor was asked why he even sent out that message to his ex, when he did not do anything violent. Depp said it was just important for him to "placate" Heard afterwards, regardless if he was not truly violent. 

Johnny Depp Addicted to Substances

But Wass countered this by saying Depp was truly just jealous about the fact that Amber Heard at the time was going to play James Franco's love interest in a new film. 

Wass then said Depp only had a hard time recalling things he has doe because of his excessive consumption of alcohol. This, after the doctor confessed to be addicted to Roxicodone, which was a narcotic and strong pain reliever he had prescription on. The actor however said he did not become addicted to other substances. 

Depp answered Wass that even though he was pretty self-destructive during his life, he still got a functioning brain.

It's hard to tell if Depp truly had his violent episodes and failed to remember as a result of his substance abuse behaviors. The hearing is still ongoing, after all.

But there exists also evidence that Amber Heard was the one lying about his violent behavior. It's still going to be his word against hers up until this case ends. 

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