The life of Johnny Depp is under the microscope this week as he battles against claims that he abused his ex-wife, Amber Heard, in London's High Court. 

In his July 7, 2020 testimony, the "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor made a series of confessions about his childhood. 

Depp admitted that he started using drugs at the age of 11, when he took his mom's "nerve pills" and then, later on, tried "every kind of drug known to man" when he was 14 years old. 

The A-list star also shared his relationship was like with his mom, Betty Sue Palmer, who raised him alone. 

For the majority of his life, Depp described his mother as "hellcat" and "mean" but "funny" after passing away from cancer in 2016. 

Being raised as the youngest of four children, Depp revealed that his mom consistently gave him irrational beatings and even hurled things at him. 

In an interview with Rolling Stone in 2018, Johnny Depp detailed that he was once hit with an ashtray. Sometimes, it would even be with a telephone. 

However, despite the abuse he received from his mom, the film star still showed her compassion and alluded to her difficult childhood that may have shaped the kind of woman she became. 

Depp shared, "My mom was born in a f------g holler in eastern Kentucky, her poor f------g a-was on phenobarbital at 12." 

He also highlighted that they lacked home stability during his childhood, moving more than 40 times in Kentucky and Florida. 

The star also remembered Betty's struggles to maintain her young family while working double shifts as a waitress to care for all of them. 

In the Rolling Stone article, they wrote that Johnny Depp would rub Betty's feet as she "counted out the coins from her tips." 

Speaking of his home, Johnny Depp described it as a "ghost house," where no one talked and believed that this kind of upbringing has affected how he deals with women. 

"I don't think there ever was a way I thought about people, especially women, other than 'I can fix them."

When Johnny Depp earned his first biggest paycheck, the actor immediately bought his mother a small horse farm to thank her for his life. 

The farm was purchased so that Betty could live a peaceful life. 

Depp also revealed that he worshipped his mom even though she could be "a real b---- on wheels." 

When Betty Sue Palmer was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2013, she got better briefly. However, she died three years later. 

At his mom's funeral, Depp confessed to the mourners, "My mom was maybe the meanest human being I have ever met." 

On the third day of the hearingat High Court, Johnny Depp thanked his "toxic" ex-wife for her drug detox help from a trip in August 2014. 

Amber Heard reportedly helped get him clean, and they both went on a detox trip to his private island in the Bahamas. 

Depp described that agonizing trip was "the lowest point I believe I have ever been in my life." 

"It was Amber and Amber only that got me through this, and it was not easy," he revealed. 

Depp and Heard are fighting in court because the actor has said to assault his wife numerous times while still married.

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