Enstarz Gift Guide: 5 Handmade Goods You Can Actually Buy In Amazon

Handmade gifts scream customization and genuine care. If you believe you cannot create your own gifts by hand, but you do not want to buy gifts you know that are mass-produced by factories and the like, then choose unique, handmade ones. 

Amazon has many of these handmade gifts created by wonderful creative spirits with entrepreneurial minds. Thinking of what gift to give when we are in the middle of pandemic? Think handmade - not only can you give a loved one a unique gift, you can probably help someone trying to make a living in this crazy times. 

Below are just five that you can get from Amazon.

1.          Stylish Cotton Face Masks with Filter Pockets

Masks from Hope Love Shine
(Photo : Amazon Best Sellers)
Stylish Cotton Face Mask with Filter Pocket, Handmade Floral Plaid design facemasks for women, washable reusable 3 layers, Ready to SHIP, Pack of 5

Wearing a mask during the pandemic not only protect your from the COVID-19 virus, it also ensures you protect others from unknowingly sharing some viruses of your own. At the very least, wearing face masks reduce the pollution that one can inhale during a grocery run. 

Think this is just any cloth sewn to look like a mask? Think again. This has three layers plus a filter pocket for extra protection. Works like a legit medical mask but comes in unique, cloth designs. What more, they are washable and reusable, which disposable face masks cannot boast of. Using the latter means contributing to ocean wreckage too. You can only imagine the amount of disposable face masks now being thrown into the trash. 

This comes in a pack of 5 too so you won't feel tempted to re-use an unwashed face mask. Please don't be because that is dangerous. 

2.          Customized Airpod Case with Keychain Neck Running Strap

Airpod Case by Marblefyofficial
(Photo : Amazon Best Sellers)
MARBLEFY Custom Name Airpod Case with Keychain Neck Running Strap Protective Customized Name Clear Airpods Protective Case Compatible with Apple AirPods 2 and 1 and AirPods Pro

These days, it feels more precious and necessary to just drown out the noise of the world. It feels more crucial that people know where to find their center and just focus on their own life paths instead of being dragged by others' drama or the one creating unnecessary noise. Music can help with that - music listened to through an Airpod if you please.

IF you have a friend who cannot live without their Airpod, then this personalized gift can certainly make him or her feel delighted. Not only would this protect  his or her Airpod, it would also distinguish his or her Airpod from others at home. Nothing feels as thoughtful as a handmade gift, or gift that has one's own name engraved, embossed, or sewn on it. for this one, the case itself can do more than just house the Airpod. It is also anti-slip, anti-scratch, anti-dirt, and shockproof. It keeps the Airpods in the pristine conditions.

3. A Stemless Wine Glass with A Cute Saying

Stemless Wine Glass from CM
(Photo : Amazon Best Sellers)
C M It's not really drinking alone if the dog is home stemless wine glass, 15 oz. Perfect Dog Lover Gift for him or her (dog) - Laser Engraved

You can get a stemless wine glass from Amazon with a quote that reads, "it's not really drinking along if the dog is home." This is going to make any of your dog-loving friends ecstatic- especially if true - if they love to unwind with wine while playing with their dog, that is. If you give this to someone, it goes to show that you know the person's habits, which is plus points for you as the gift-giver.

4.          Sweet-Scented Spa Candle

Spa Candle by Sweet Water Decor
(Photo : Amazon Bestsellers)
Sweet Water Decor, Happy Birthday, Spa Candle | Vanilla, Sugar, and Buttercream Sweet Scented Soy Wax Candle for Home | 9oz Clear Glass Jar, 40 Hour Burn Time, Made in the USA

With all that is happening now in the world, a stress-relieving ambience at home is called for. If your friends still cannot go out and return to their work these days, chances are they are going a bit crazy at home. Couple that with some screaming kids or dishes that would not wash themselves, your friend just might lose it. Help her relax by gifting her a candle that is not just sweet-scented, but also has calming properties.

5. Triple Protection Bracelet that Brings Luck and Prosperity 

 Bracelet from Crystal Agate
(Photo : Amazon Best Sellers)
Triple Protection Bracelet - For Protection - Bring Luck And Prosperity - Hematite - Black Obsidian - Tiger Eye - Stone Bracelets

Luck and Prosperity! Who does not need those these days?

We all need extra fortune and wealth in the middle o a pandemic. Chances are, if you gift someone with this handmade bracelet, you are basically saying you want the person to be healthy all the time, lucky or happy, and wealthy. Nothing shouts care more than that kind of thinking.

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