Johnny Depp 'Wife Beater' Claims: 6 Scary Physical Abuses Amber Heard Accused Ex Of

Over the years, there have been so many scandalous and disturbing details of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's marriage. 

They have to relive every single one of those times as some of Amber Heard's dramatic claims were brought up at High Court early this week as Depp battles with the News Group Newspapers (NGN) over an April 2018 article that labeled him as a "wife beater." 

This week, fourteen alleged incidents have been heard as evidence. 

The Depp vs. NGN trial is expected to go until the end of July. 

Here are some of the most shocking incidents Amber Heard said Johnny Depp was violent towards her. 

Dog Abuse

Though the "Sweeny Todd" star wasn't just allegedly violent at Heard, he was also said to be violent towards the starlet's dog, Pistol, a teacup Yorkshire terrier. 

The 38-year-old actress accused her former husband of holding the dog out of the window of a moving car and have joked about putting the pet in a microwave. 

Winona Tattoo

The first time that Amber Heard was reportedly hit by the "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor was when she laughed at his Winona Ryder tattoo. 

Johnny Depp previously had a "Winona Forever" tattoo, in honor of his ex-fiancee Winona Ryder.  Later on, he altered it to "Wino Forever," according to Sasha Was QC, lawyer of The Sun's NGN.

"Ms. Heard laughed at that tattoo. You then slapped Ms. Heard across the face, and that was the first time it happened." 

"She didn't react; she just eyeballed you, she just stared at you, and that made you more angry, and you slapped her again," Wass claimed. 

The "Sleepy Hollow" performer denied the allegations and said that they were all "patently untrue," and "not correct," adding he didn't recall any argument about his tattoos. 

Booze-Binge Depp

The 57-year-old Hollywood A-lister said to have thrown a chair at the "Aquaman" actress and slapped her in their private jet from Boston to Los Angeles.

The actor was said to be in a rage and slapped her and kicked her in the back because he believed Heard was having an affair with actor James Franco. 

But Johnny Depp insisted, "I may have done things that I have no memory of. I am certainly not a violent person, especially with women." 

Instead, he claimed that it was the Texas-native who berated and yelled at him. 

Three-Day Hostage Rage

During their trip to Australia in March 2015, Heard was reportedly assaulted repeatedly in a "three-day hostage rage." 

Johnny Depp has said to have violently pushed Heard into a ping-pong table and choked her against the fridge. 

However, the "Pineapple Express" star claimed that Depp injured his finger as he smashed a phone against the wall and claimed that the actor used the blood from his finger to write "I love u" on the mirror.

However, according to the "Alice in Wonderland" star, it was Heard who threw a vodka bottle at Depp's finger. 

Heard further said that the three-day ordeal of assaults has left her with cuts all over her body. 

'Kill You'

In December 2015, it was reported that their headbutt was accidental. 

Johnny Depp has been claimed to have thrown a decanter at the blonde beauty and pulled out large chunks of her hair while yelling, "I'll f-----ing kill you." 

However, Depp has denied the claims and said that it was only Heard who violently attacked him. 

'Drunk' Johnny 

In May 2016, when Johnny Depp arrived at their Los Angeles apartment "high and drunk"and reportedly threw a champagne bottle at Amber Heard.

The "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" leading man's security guards entered the room when they heard the actress shouting, "Stop hitting me Johnny," while the actor was 20 feet away in the kitchen. 

When an officer arrived at the scene after a 911 call, they claimed that there were no injuries or damage to Heard and their home. 

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