Hollywood's power couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith rocked the world last week after they sit down together and addressed jada's cheating rumors with rapper August Alsina.

The couple, who has been married for 23 years, felt the need to speak up after Alsina dropped a bombshell revelation and said Will Smith permitted him to be romantically involved with his wife.

During the sensational Red Table Talk, Jada admitted having an "entanglement" with Alsina about four years ago when she and Will were on a break from their marriage. Will echoed that statement by saying that they both thought they were done with each other.

The couple said they had put everything in the past, reconciled and decided to pursue their marriage and turn it into a "lifetime partnership."

While the power couple was brutally honest in revealing their relationship struggles, a psychologist expressed his belief that Will and Jada are still concealing some inner workings of their marriage.

Will Smith's Burden

Body language expert Bruce Durham suggested that the "Bad Boys For Life" actor was embarrassed by the interview and somehow wished they never welcomed August Alsina in their family.

"There are a couple of eye blocks from Will, it's shutting off those images. He's probably thinking I wish we hadn't invited August into our home because this is the outcome," Durham said.

Bruce, who owns the YouTube channel "Believing Bruce," has worked with companies to improve employees' performances. In his assessment of the couple, he claimed that the interview showed how Will pacified his behavior because the situation was uncomfortable and embarrassing for him.

He alsoo pointed out some signs that suggests Will wanted to convey his stance but does not have the authority or confidence to do so.

Controlling Jada

The body language expert also suggested that 48-year-old mother-of-two managed the entire interview, as she would often correct Will when he was trying to make a point.

"Jada takes control of the situation, he says 'I thought we were done' and she corrects him and says 'we WERE done,'" Durham said.

He also noticed weird energy going between the duo when Will insisted Jada speak up about her cheating.

"Both of them look down - eye contact is one of the most powerful things out there - but they don't want that threat or connection. It's too overwhelming for them, there's zero eye contact," he added.

Durham shared how Jada's face lit up when she talked about healing August Alsina, but the energy once again declined when she said she never wanted to speak to him again.

Will Smith's Agenda

Bruce Druham said he felt Will Smith's more awkward energy when Jada confirmed with full authenticity that her husband already "got her back."

But according to the expert, the final moments of the interview revealed something that could impact the Smiths' relationship in the future.

He noticed how Will grabbed his cuff as if he was getting ready for a fight while talking about getting back together. Durham believes a thought entered Will's head and was prepared to do something.

"In the context of what's going on here, I do seriously think he has some type of plan or some activity to get back that one-up-manship for the activities that Jada has presented in that relationship, ie, the affair she has had with August," Durham concluded.

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