Ever since Tom Hanks has tested positive for the deadly COVID-19 and more so when he was able to recover from it, the actor has been quite candid and open about his experience.

If you are in doubt of whether coronavirus is real or a conspiracy, read these four COVID-19 symptoms that Tom Hanks (and his wife) scarily went through to know for a fact that this virus cannot be undermined.  

While the most common of COVID-19 symptoms are sore throat, fever, dry cough, and tiredness. Serious symptoms can include difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath, chest pain, as well as loss of speech and movement.

While Tom Hanks said he and his wife experienced some of these, if not all, he also experienced other symptoms that as common, which makes it scarier. People should take note of these.

Sore Butt and Cracking Bones

Speaking with host Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, Hanks revealed that he and his wife Rita Wilson truly do not know where they could have possibly contracted the virus. He then stressed that they have both different symptoms during the COVID-19 experience. While Rita had the more common symptoms of fever and headache, Tom Hanks had cracking bones and really sore butt. 

"I had bones that felt like they were made out of soda crackers," Hanks shared. "Every time I moved around it felt like something was cracking inside of me." He was tired all the time and yet, "having really sore butt."

Inability to Concentrate 

Earlier, in an interview with the Guardian, Tom Hanks revealed that apart from crippling body aches (maybe because of the cracking bones), he was so tired and could not concentrate on anything for over 12 minutes. He joked about that he is like that most of the time anyway, but this is something to note for people wondering if they have the virus. 

Lost Sense of Taste and Smell

In the course of relaying the symptoms he experienced, he said that his wife experienced losing her sense of taste and smell, although he personally did not. This is a sign that truly, the symptoms can differ among individuals so it pays to be extra careful. 

Horrible Level of Nausea

Tom Hanks did not experience this, but his wife Rita did. In their earlier interviews, the actor has constantly claimed that Wilson had it worse, because she had horrible nausea on top of it all. But Rita Wilson could be remembered jamming and singing even with coronavirus, so kudos to her! 

The fact that some people can be diagnosed without symptoms at all is enough reason to be more careful - wear a mask, wash your hands, and practice social distancing. IF possible, just do not go out. 

Tom Hanks himself said these himself.

According to him, everyone should now be more responsible about their health and be more responsible also about others' health. There's really only three things everyone needs to do: wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands," said Hanks. "I know societally it's been politicized, but I don't get it, man. I don't understand how anyone can put their foot down and say: 'I don't have to do my part.'" 

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