John Legend Confesses Cheating History -- Chrissy Teigen Reacts!

Just when people are still moving on from the whole "entanglement" issue of the Smiths, another Hollywood power couple is in the spotlight after admitting a past cheating incident.

The Confession Of A Legend

It all started when prominent singer and songwriter John Legend went on the record to confess about his cheating history when he was in his 20s.

In his recent appearance to Dax Shepard's "Armchair Expert" podcast, the now 41-year-old performer opened up about fooling around with women when he was younger.

"I think yes, I did have a history [of] it, especially in my 20s," John Legend admitted.

The now father-of-two and committed husband to Chrissy Teigen explained that just like any other man during his youth, he goes through this stage of having fun around high school and college girls.

"I think what happened for me personally is, you go through a lot of your life, like your teens, and I was like the 'two years younger kid than everybody' in high school and college, and so I just didn't get a lot of girls when I was younger," John explained.

And without hesitation, the "All of You" hitmaker confessed enjoying that time of his life.

"And when I started to get that attention, I loved it-just ate it up," he noted.

While some appreciated John's brutally honest take on his cheating history, his wife for 13 years had some savage reaction to his confession.

Chrissy Teigen's Clapback

John and Chrissy are known to be the fun couple who are always making fun of each other on social media. That is why when Mr. "Ordinary People" made some extraordinary revelation about his cheating past, fans waited for his wife's classic response.

After the news went viral on social media, Chrissy took to Twitter to express how she felt about her husband's "cheating history."

It turns out that John's use of the word "especially" stuck on Chrissy, and so she dissed on her husband over social media.

Taking to Twitter, Chrissy posted a screenshot with the quote of John's statement and said: "'especially'?? the other shit is the 10's and 30's so u better be talking the tens, idiot."

John was 34 years of age when he married Chrissy in Como, Italy in September 2013, while the American actress and model was 28 years old. But they met and were in a relationship during John's late 20s.

Happy Being Faithful

However, it looks like Chrissy was just joking around on her savage response, as we're pretty sure that she did not miss out on the part of the interview when her loving husband said that his outlook on cheating changed when he met Chrissy in 2006.

"At a certain point you just realize, like, you're happier being honest," John told Dax Shapard.

"And you're happier being faithful and being in love with one person. And at a certain point, I just decided that that person was Chrissy and I just decided I wasn't going to mess with anybody else anymore," he added.

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