Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Nearing Breaking Point, Escaping to The Bahamas

News of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry headed to the Bahamas emerged after the couple said they reached their breaking point. 

In an article by OK! Magazine, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are said to be getting ready for their dream vacation. 

An unnamed tipster told the magazine, "They're jetting off to an exotic locale with their son, Archie, to relax and decompress." 

They claim that the timing of their luxurious getaway also came at the right time after Meghan and Prince Harry have been dealing with a tremendous amount of stress since relocating to the US. 

According to the source, the parents-of-one thought that moving to Meghan's home country and leaving Prince Harry's family behind would give them a much-needed fresh start. 

However, the couple is shocked to know that even moving across the pond; they are still the talk of the town. It's like they're back in the UK, said the source. 

The publication further alleged that the Duchess not only dealt with her fallout with Queen Elizabeth II, but both Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are the main subjects of a new explosive book, "Royals at War: The Untold Story of Harry and Meghan's Shocking Split With the House of Windsor." 

As per the source, the former "Suits" star and her husband are desperate to get away severely from "everyone and everyone."

The magazine added that the negative attention is taking a toll on both of them, so they felt they deserved a break and are "willing to spend top dollar to make it super special," hoping that they can come back feeling refreshed. 

While it seems like it's something the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would do, Gossip Cop has debunked the story. 

They claim that because of the coronavirus, the Bahamas is banning travelers from the US to keep the virus from spreading. 

They also doubt that the royal couple is an exception to the rule. 

It's not the first time that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were the subjects of marriage woes. 

Globe previously claimed that the 38-year-old American issued Prince Harry a divorce ultimatum. 

According to their news, Meghan Markle has asked Prince Harry who will he choose, "'It's me or them.'" 

Their source revealed that Meghan was furious when her blue-blooded husband was said to have negotiated to end their "royal exile."

According to them, the brunette beauty yelled at Prince Harry saying, "'You can go back - but Archie and I are staying in America.'"

The palace source further said that Prince Harry blames his wife for "masterminding their disastrous 'we quit' move to America."

The Prince also reportedly promise Meghan that she would be part of the royal line, however, the Duchess of Sussex allegedly doesn't want any part of it. 

"She knows she's worn out her welcome with her diva demands, temper tantrums and publicity stunts and just wants to get on with her celebrity life," the source claimed. 

Meghan has also said to have warned Prince Harry to "make the right decision or not see Archie again." 

But Gossip Cop has also said that the entire story is "completely made up."

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