Prince Harry Heartbreak: Queen Elizabeth Insulted, Palace Return with Meghan Markle Now Impossible

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now permanently canceled by the palace. At least that is what is a new report is saying. 

For a while, there had been reports of the possibility that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will still be able to resume their official roles after the one-year "trial" period in their Megxit arrangement ended. That was grace on Queen Elizabeth's part, previous report says. However, a new report claims that this is no longer possible, especially since the Queen has been insulted and her patience has all but dried up.

Because of a certain "bombshell" biography, the two essentially ruined all their chances of going back to the palace with newly-minted royal roes with the help of the Queen and senior royals. The book went into excruciating detail with regard to the Duke and Duchess of Successes' rift with the royal family and many more information that solidified the assumption that the palace would never welcome them back after their one year in America is up.

Given what they had allegedly done recently, they can no longer return to their esteemed royal positions when their trial" period in the US is done and over with. The book also allegedly contains revelations that will further drive Prince Harry and Prince William apart, and even Prince Harry from Kate Middleton. The book allegedly contains revelations on how Prince Harry was irked by Prince William's advice about Meghan Markle.

One royal household shared that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will always be welcome by the palace as part of the family, but as royals with positions? Never. "it's hard to see how they can now salvage the new role they wanted as "hybrid" royals, running commercial careers alongside royal duties from the US," the insider said. 

One more insider told Daily Mail UK that, "Another source told the Mail: 'The review period has not yet been discussed but it doesn't seem if there is any way of going back now. Some very private family matters have now been aired in public, seemingly with their blessing. That will be hurtful."

At present, as they stay longer in the United States, various reports are showing how unchanged their lives are when it comes to being followed by the paparazzi. They may have left their royal positions and the UK for a "quieter" life in the US, but this is obviously not happening. 

If they had taken action against "invasive" British tabloids, they are now also taking action against US-based paparazzi who has been taking pictures on their son without authorization, which means it's illegal. That said, it appears that life in the UK and the US are not that much different for the two.

However, at least, in the former, they have royal positions and paid-for security. IF what the new report has said is true, then it means Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have to find stable jobs and careers in the United States, stat. They are going to stay for quite a long time, and they have to pay for their own security. These just mean they have to start earning well.

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