Queen Elizabeth Devastation: Did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Lie to Her Face?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry knew that when Megxit becomes official, they would never return to the UK. This is contrary to  reports that they want to pursue financially-independent lives while still keeping in touch with the royals  and the palace.

Recent reports claimed that as "Finding Freedom"  nears its publication date and release, the contents of that controversial book will permanently cause a rift between the couple and the monarchy. So much so that they would never be welcome back anymore.

A new report claimed that this is all fine with Prince Harry and Meghan  Markle, because when they planned to leave, they truly intended never to return.  

Unfortunately, this means breaking Queen Elizabeth's heart completely. Even though recent events meant the monarch can finally put her foot down and cut ties with the two, she did offer the two a chance to return after a year in the US. The two supposedly agreed, but this new report just meant they were lying to Queen Elizabeth's face. When they agreed to this trial separation, were they laughing behind the Queen's back for fooling her they were serious about the notion of returning? 

According to a  source who spoke with the  Telegraph, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle never really intended to return when they planned to leave their senior royal positions.

The revelation came with the assertion that Prince Harry never really wanted to do "Finding Freedom," but was ultimately convinced because they knew deep down that they have permanently cut ties with the Palace already. And if they return? Everything will  no longer be the same.

The source said, "The split was very stressful for everyone on all sides, but the Duke and Duchess were never going to go back to the status quo." He then added, "Theirs is a new model and they never wanted to go back to the old one, even if they do come back to the UK.

Prince Harry also did not like the idea of review, or the chance to reassess their decision to leave after one year and return if they want to. For him, and for Meghan Markle, this is not the purpose of Megxit. They did not leave just to dip their toes in the US and check if they can do it. They are not like that at all.

Still, the 12-month review did mean at present, there is still a door open for the couple to return to the UK, unless the Queen decides herself that no more - she had had enough of the two, more so when the controversial book comes out. The 12-month review allows Prince Harry to hold on to certain patronages and titles, the insiders revealed, which in turn allows him to maintain his links with the UK.

Of course, with all the things that have been written about  Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, this one still has to be taken with a grain of salt. Plus, even if their intention was never to return and they could not care less about the trial period, they can change their minds. AT the time, COVID-19 pandemic was still not a reality, so they have certain ly suffered some hardships and delays in their US plans because of this crisis. 

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