Meghan Markle Desperate? Before Prince Harry Dating Revelation, Wikipedia Page Drastically Altered!

Did Meghan Markle lie about herself to the world? Or did someone do that for her? 

Knowing that Wikipedia is probably the easiest site to get to know someone, someone certainly tried to make Meghan Markle more appealing to the world by changing her descriptions on Wikipedia.

Probably forgetting that Wikipedia is easy to edit just by anyone, people have to rely on what this site has to say about something, or someone. After all, even though the information here is easy to change or add, it's hard to fathom why certain people would like to deliberately mislead others. 

However, a new report claims that Meghan Markle, or someone in her camp did.

Meghan Markle's Wikipedia page was drastically altered just before her relationship with Prince Harry became a household topic. The report claims that the changes were made in the Duchess of Sussex's favor, painting her as a hardcore activist and humanitarian, instead of the original description of being a model. The section covering her modeling work simply no longer exist now. 

Apparently, it was easy to check. Record of changes made to Meghan Markle's page on Wikipedia showed several made on early October 2016. AT the time, people still do not she and Prince Harry were an item. In fact, they were already dating a lot then, and by the end of the month, news break out how serous they are to each other. 

The first change removed the very detailed original mention of her work as the "the model who held case #24 on the US version of the television game show "Deal or No Deal," Wikipedia's records of changes revealed. And then 10 minutes later after this change, another were made. This time, apart from being an actress, it was changed to her being a fashion model, spokesmodel" to one who was an "Activist, Humanitarian,"

Following that, the entry pegged her as someone "involved in the socio-political arena." Information now showed that she's no longer JUST a feeble actress. Instead, she's now someone who have "worked with The United Nations Women, where, as an Advocate" and had the experience of presenting "at UN Headquarters for the HeforShe Gender Equality Campaign in September 2014." Her long list of achievements now include being a panelist for 'One Young World,: and being able to travel to Afghanistan with the Joint Chief of Staff on the USO tour, which took place back in 2014.

Two days later, another achievement added on her Wikipedia page was that she founded the lifestyle blog, TIG.

According to the Telegraph, tracing who made the changes were nonpromising. The changes appeared to be made anonymously from an IP address of a LA PR firm but no known links to the duchess. Analysis claimed that it could be any one among Meghan Markle's friends, who were aware that  her royal dalliance with Prince Harry was about to go public.

None of the information were really and absolutely, made up though is the founder of TIg. and she indeed, had been an activist. But for the changes to the made on a site ordinary people access to get information is still quite suspicious and controversial. It even reeks of desperation.

Reps for Meghan did not comment yet, in spite of requests to do so. 

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