Ellen DeGeneres Headache: Australian Host Drops 'Bizarre' Revelation About Ellen's Show

More ugly stories about Ellen DeGeneres and her show continue to emerge.

Following the shocking revelations of DeGeneres' current and former employees, Australian radio host Neil Breen also unveiled his own bizarre experience with the host.

Among the previous complaints raised by emplyees is how producers often apply strict rules about interacting with "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" host. Breen, for his part, revealed more during 4BC's recent episode.

According to him, he tried to arrange an interview with DeGeneres for the Australian version of the "Today" show back in 2013.

As the then-executive producer, Breen told the 62-year-old stand-up comedian that she would serve as the co-host of the morning talk show.

However, the producers changed their plans multiple times to the point that it caused DeGeneres not to come to Sydney anymore.

"We took the whole 'Today' show to Melbourne at our expense but she would do a sit-down interview with Richard Wilkins. So Richard Wilkins and I went to one of the flashy hotels in Melbourne, where this was all set up, just the two of us," Breen recalled.

Breen descrived the meeting a "brush with fame" for him and Wilkins, especially when they received a strange set of rules they needed to follow upon the Ellen's arrival.

"Anyway the producers called us aside and said 'OK this is how it's going to work here this morning. Ellen is going to arrive at 10:15 and she'll be sitting in this chair here and Richard you'll be sitting in this chair here," Breen went on.

Per the TV executive, the producers instructed them not to talk and approach DeGeneres. He then found the whole thing bizarre and questioned how they were supposed to interview her without looking her in the eye.

Breen also claimed that the producers exaggerated their reactions to DeGeneres' jokes, noting they would "giggle and laugh" at "everything she said."

Eventually, he had to request for them to be quiet to continue the interview.

"I'm not blaming Ellen because I didn't get to talk to her because I wasn't allowed to. So, I don't know if she's a nice person or not. I don't have a clue," he said.

Instead of directly calling her a bad person, Breen chose to describe how working with her waslike -- and he ended up calling it a bizarre experience.

This revelations came after "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" executive producers Ed Glavin, Andy Lassner and Mary Connelly sent another statement to Buzzfeed News.

The said statement contains their reaction over the allegations made by current and former employees, accusing them of creating a "toxic work environment" based on bullying and fear.

"We are truly heartbroken and sorry to learn that even one person in our production family has had a negative experience," the statement read. "It's not who we are and not who we strive to be, and not the mission Ellen has set for us."

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