Taylor Swift broke the internet once again the minute she surprised fans with her 8th studio album called "Folklore.

In a Twitter post, the 30-year-old pop star revealed that the new album is composed of 16 entirely new tracks where she poured all of her "whims, dreams, fears, and musings."

For the past decade that Taylor has been in the music industry, she is known as a notorious artist who wrote songs based on her personal experience, particularly her relationships. That is why fans are always searching for some hidden message behind her songs that could reveal the status of her current relationship with Joe Alwyn. 

Aside from the swoon-worthy melody and some heartbreaking lyrics from "Folklore," fans are convinced that Taylor is trying to send a deeper message from her new album, which could hint a major announcement and change in her life. 

One hidden message on the album that Swifties believed they have unlocked is the idea that Joe Alwyn already put a ring on it on Taylor, yay!

Fan Theory No.1: The Lyrics

While some think th had already broken up due to the heartbreaking lyrics of "The 1" and "Exile," others are convinced that the pop star is just playing with words on her new songs. 

One fan pointed out how Taylor used the word "I" as the first word on the first track "The 1" and the word "Do" as the last word on the lyrics of the last track "The Hoax." When the words are put together, it could be Tay-Tay's answer to Alwyn's proposal.

Fan Theory No.2: The Bonus Track

The engagement speculations started when the pop star revealed that the new album includes a bonus track called "The Lakes." However, fans could only listen to it if they purchase the album on her website, taylorswift.com, or buy the album's physical copy. 

The special item will only be available for a selected number of fans and due to ship out for several weeks. Because of the suspense brought by the special copy, fans are convinced that it will be accompanied by a surprise announcement of Taylor and Alwyn's engagement. 

Fans are not new to having a special announcement from Tay-Tay since she always wants her loyal fans to be the first to know about the special events in her life instead of learning about it on the media. 

"Taylor has been really focused on sharing details and special events with her fans first, avoiding the press. It makes perfect sense that Taylor and Joe, with their super-private relationship, would want to share this news with us, the committed fans who buy the deluxe album, first," one fan wrote on Reddit

Fan Theory No.3: The Ring

While this one is not included on the new album, fans are quick to recall on Taylor's Netflix documentary film "Miss Americana", where they noticed that the pop star is wearing an eye-catching piece of jewelry on her left hand

The said ring also appeared on Taylor's newly released music video of the song "Cardigan."

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