Despite the "billionaire" status denial from Forbes, Kylie Jenner remains to be the reigning Instagram Queen of her generation. Back in the days, Kylie Jenner Instagram is filled with selfie, OOTDs, nightlife, and parties; but now her 188 million followers are also looking forward to seeing more Stormi content. 

Speaking of Stormi Webster, the 2-year-old daughter of Kylie to rapper Travis Scott has been living the life of a true Kardashian-Jenner member, which means getting an OOTD worth thousands of dollars.

Being a daughter of a billionaire, it is expected that Mommy Kylie would shower her princess with the most luxurious things in life. At a very young age, Stormi was able to experience using designer bags, clothes, and even cars, which price tags are ten times the number of days she is out on Earth. 

Below are some of the lavish gifts Stormi received and has been shared on mum Kylie Jenner Instagram page. 

Fendi Stroller

Kylie Jenner
(Photo : Via Instagram: @kyliejenner)

The 22-year-old makeup mogul would not let her precious daughter sit on a cheap stroller, so she got her an ultra-luxe Fendi stroller worth $2,400. Kylie also splurged $1,562 for a matching diaper bag that bears the Italian label's iconic "F" monogram. 

In an Instagram Story entry on January 2020, Kylie gushed over the brown and black colored stroller and wrote: "New stroller and diaper bag, the s- that excite me now."

It is not the first time that Stormi was able to ride a Fendi stroller. In Kylie Jenner Instagram post in April 2018, the hot momma modelled the designer baby carrier while taking the then 2-months old Stormi on a walk. 

Kylie Jenner stroller
(Photo : Via Instagram: @stormallooo)
Kylie Jenner stroller
(Photo : Via Instagram: @stormallooo)

Designer Bags

Kylie Jenner bags
(Photo : Via Instagram: @stormijenwebster)
Kylie Jenner daughter Stormi
(Photo : Via Instagram: @kyliejenner)

The toddler fashion icon's OOTD will not be complete without a designer handbag. Last month, Kylie revealed buying not just one but four Prada bags for her "unica hija." 

In an IG story entry, Kylie said she could not get enough of Prada's mini re-edition nylon shoulder bags that she had to get Stormi four in colors black, bright orange, yellow, and pink, which costs $725 each. 

Just recently, Stormi was also spotted clutching a $1,180 worth Louis Vuitton handbag. In Kylie Jenner Instagram post, the cutie pie was lounging by the pool while casually carrying her bag with LV's iconic monogram stamped in summer colours. 

Lamborghini Toy Car

Kylie Jenner daughter Stormi
(Photo : Via Instagram: @kyliejenner)

Earlier this week, Kylie could not help but gush about how Stormi has grown while low-key showing off her daughter's luxury toy car. According to reports, the mini Lamborghini covered in custom Louis Vuitton multi-color prints that Stormi took for a spin is worth a whopping $389. 

Diamond Ring

For Stormi's second Christmas, Kylie went all out by giving her a sparkling diamond ring, still big enough to fit her finger. While the karat and price tag of Stormi's first sparkly bling remains unknown, Kylie will surely not settle for anything less or fake diamond rings. 

The toddler modelled the sparkling ring in front of a Christmas tree, which was also fully documented at Kylie Jenner Instagram story. 

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