News had it that Prince Charles is hoping against hope that his second son will return back home. It might be the last thing on Prince Harry's mind, though.

According to Express UK, Prince Charles has a strong bond with his second son, Prince Harry, that he would never accept the fact that this now has a new and probably permanent life outside of the UK. This, despite the bombshell new book by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, making fresh claims about why they deemed it the best to leave the palace and their royal positions for good.

One cannot blame Prince Charles - he is a father, after all. 

That said, the heir to the throne remains in regular contact with his youngest son, living with his wife and kid, Baby Archie. 

A source said: "They have a very strong and close father-and-son relationship." The source added, "Many people have speculated that the book was the end for Harry and Meghan in Britain."

The book was bound to do that, given the sheer number of people criticized and even attacked. Prince William and Kate Middleton were not even spared. 

However, Prince Charles does not care; it seems. The source added that the Prince of Wales has made it abundantly clear that Prince Harry and his family are always welcome to go home because the door is always open for them. 

Even if Prince Harry appears to have no plans to go home yet, Prince Charles is going out of his way to always catch up with his son. The source even said that even though Charles is not an avid user of texts, he does not let this deter him from contacting his son. As such, he is making a lot of video and phone calls to his son chasing the American dream of financial independence..

The source added that the controversial book, "Finding Freedom" has never been a massive talking point between the father-son duo, more because Prince Charles is determined not to make it a problem. 

"He has provided financial support, as any father would do when their son moves with a young family to the other side of the world," the source even added. 

It'll probably be a sad day for Prince Charles on Prince Harry's birthday, though. Not only are they not going to spend the day together, but a report also claims that Prince Harry would spend it with someone he considers a father figure. According to Daily Star UK, since Prince Charles and Prince William are unlikely to attend Prince Harry's 36th birthday bash for September 15, he'll probably be spending it with his new father figure in life, David Foster renowned music producer. Foster will be hosting the party himself in his LA home. 

A source confirmed this. Foster's wife, Katharine McPhee revealed that two truly have a beautiful relationship akin to a father and son

The 70-year-old will probably go all out in making the day perfect for the Duke of Sussex. A source told People: "David wants to make it special for Harry but also keep it casual and low-key with some fine wine, great food, and intimate company.

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