Some celebrities may be defending Ellen DeGeneres, but not all who had been in the show had a comfortable time in it. 

After allegations of racism, intimidation, and fear among "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"  staff, not all carried out by Ellen DeGeneres herself, the show is now under an internal investigation. it did not matter that she herself did not commit these disgusting acts - it's her show and she should or would know what was going on. 

One cannot even say the accusations are not true, because Ellen DeGeneres apologized for them already, even without directly saying she's involved. Because the accusations of her "be kind" mantra as being fake and her nice personality onset are just for show, body language experts now went back to some celebrity interviews and checked out whether there were signs of her being annoying, event to A-list guests.

According to Metro UK,  they found that some of these celebrities certainly did not feel right while on the show - no matter how Ellen DeGeneres made the mood lighter. In fact, the more Ellen makes jokes at their expense, the more lowkey annoyed they seem.

The experts said one example is when Dakota Johnson confronted the host for skipping her birthday. Even if Ellen tried to make light of the accusation and Johnson herself made it appear so hard that she was just fake grouching, experts on body language claimed that Johnson was truly annoyed and uncomfortable.

Another time is when Celine Dion had to defend the haircut of his son, without appearing angry. Moms would literally go into war for their sons, but because Dion is in-front on the personality whose forte is to make people laugh, Dion cannot take offense. 

In 2008, Mariah Carey was pressured into announcing she was pregnant when Ellen DeGeneres offered a glass of champagne. Again, this may be just another joke to please the audience, but experts could surmise that Carey did not like it.  This is all but natural because women should have prerogative to talk about their pregnancy or not. But who is she to take offense at a comedian's joke and risk being called a spoilsport?

There are more other cases, the experts shared. The point is, Ellen DeGeneres' personality and manner of questioning can be annoying, but for years, people just cannot see it.

Sometimes, she can even act like a "questioning child that won't shut up."

Because she was able to build her brand so strongly -of being kind, of being funny, and of being generous, celebrities who just want to promote their stuff won't find the need to openly grouch about her and risk getting the public angry at them.

Now that the staff has spoken up, her image can already be described as permanently broken. The staff has more to lose than anyone if they speak but they still did. What can she do to redeem herself? An apology without direct owning up of one's errors is not likely to work. A very serious apology won't even erase the fact that she has duped many for at least 15 years. This is why Howard Stern now calls for her to change her image instead. It's time to accept that people would no longer think she's kind. Even if celebrities continue to defend her, they're hurting her reputation more, cementing the fact that she treats people differently based on privilege and status.  Her show's ratings have dropped so scarily, it is now obvious that a miracle is needed for to recover.

According to Page Six though, Porita De Rossi has revealed that her wife is doing fine, amid it all. Maybe she really just don't care.

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