Ellen DeGeneres continues to receive backlash from the left and right accusations thrown by the former employees of her namesake show. Just recently, another ex-staff described how it feels like working for "The Ellen De Generes Show" and compared it to a famous movie with a demanding boss. 

Ellen DeGeneres as Miranda Priestly? 

Speaking to the Brisbane radio show "Stav, Abby & Matt," a former camera assistant who requested to keep his identity revealed what it's like working for the daytime talk show.  

The ex-staff said that the workplace has an overall "The Devil Wears Prada" vibe as the 62-year-old host seems untouchable to all employees below her. 

"I worked there for a little over a year. It's kind of like The Devil Wears Prada. Everyone is trying to make it to the [end of a] year," the former camera assistant said. 

"It's just a badge of honor to have that and have it on your résumé," he added.

The hit 2006 film starring Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep is based on the novel with the same title. The story focuses on an average college graduate, Andrea Sachs, who landed a job at a domineering fashion magazine in New York, with a bossy and demanding editor, Miranda Priestly, played by Streep. 

To compare a legitimate workplace to the fictional work environment from "The Devil Wears Prada" means having tense workplace and stressed workforce trying to avoid a demanding "devil-ish" type of boss. 

The ex-employee also revealed how staff and crew are not allowed to be around the show's big star. 

"I wasn't even allowed in the same room as her. Most people are told, 'When Ellen enters the room, you and your entire crew need to leave,'" he narrated.

"Sometimes her bodyguards come forward first, and you kind of see them, and you know to leave and that's it," he added.

Own the Brand

The new revelation came after radio and TV personality Howard Stern gave Ellen DeGeneres advice on how to deal with the recent controversies thrown at her. 

Stern and Ellen have been good friends for many years now. He even had a marriage ceremony at Ellen's show in 2019, where he remarried his wife for 11 years. 

Speaking on his radio show at SiriusXM on Monday, Howard said that instead of trying to clear her name and act as a victim, the award-winning TV host should embrace her new brand and persona. 

"You know what I'd do if I was Ellen? I would change my whole image. I'd go on the air and be a son of a bitch," Stern said.

The 66-year-old radio show host revealed that he is also known for being a headache on his show, but explained that he is a nice guy in real life. 

"People would come on and (I would) go, 'F-k you' [and] just be a pr-ck," Stern said. 

"So you think I'm a pr-ck? I'm going to show you exactly... I'm known on the air as a pr-ck, but off the air, I'm known as a great guy, you know, for the most part.," he added. 

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