The next movie Meghan Markle will star in could reportedly earn her $50 million. 

Tinseltown experts believe that the Duchess of Sussex can earn herself some big bucks once she makes a big Hollywood comeback as her first role since marrying Prince Harry. 

Director Paul Feig, who worked on "Spy," "Ghostbusters," and "The Heat," claimed that film moguls are very much interested in working with the 39-year-old mom. 

Speaking to The Mirror UK, he said, "Meghan - bring it on. I would love to have you in a movie. I think she is great. I'm a fan." 

Chairman of InterTalent, Professor Jonathan Shalit OBE, believes that Meghan Markle now had the power to make a massive pull around the world. 

"Whatever role she does, everyone is going to see her. We are talking a $50 million fee. People are going to be fascinated to see her perform at the very start." 

He added, "If she returns to 'Suits,' it would be the biggest TV series in the world."

Shalit further claimed that the salary they are expected to get is not based on their acting ability but also their box office appeal. 

One word of caution from the professor is that Meghan Markle should carefully choose her co-stars if she really wants to have a successful Hollywood acting return. 

"If Will Smith or Tom Hanks agrees to play opposite her, that will give her integrity and credibility because she is going to be judged by the company she is put against." 

Award-winning director Joe Russo also claimed that Meghan Markle offers "incredible opportunities to filmmakers" by "bringing an incredible awareness to causes and issues." 

"It's amazing she's coming back to work in the business." 

The report comes after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's bought a new mansion that cost $14.3 million, which is also said to be close to Hollywood. 

They quietly moved to a mansion in Santa Barbara, just after spending a few months of coronavirus lockdown at producer Tyler Perry's $18 million mansions in Beverly Hills. 

Their new home features nine bedrooms and sixteen bathrooms and sits on over seven acres of land with 18,671 square feet. 

It also features a tea house, a children's cottage, Italian cypress trees, an elevator, a full-size tennis court, a lap-lane swimming pool, and built-in children's playset. 

In a report by Variety, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's names don't appear on the grant deeds related to the property, which means they used a trust to complete the purchase. 

Public documents obtained by Variety also revealed that the buyers secured a $9.5 million mortgage. 

Despite the shocking price tag of their new compound, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were said to have scored the mansion with a discount. 

The seller is a low-profile Russian businessman who acquired the home in 2009 for $25.3 million and has attempted to sell it numerous times over the past few years, before finally accepting a loss of $10 million. 

The home was bought entirely with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's money without any help from Prince Charles or any member of the royal family. 

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