Batman fans rejoice! Or rather, Ben Affleck fans rejoice! The actor will don his cape and cowl once more as the sorely missed "Batman."

He is not getting his own film, but fans will be treated to the next best thing: seeing Ben Affleck as Batman alongside "The Flash."

Affleck is joining Ezra Miller's "The Flash," produced by Warner Bros. The director of the show, Andy Muschietti, confirmed the news himself. 

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Muschietti revealed that the script is already in the actor's hands. It was given to him last week, and Ben already said yes to being part of the project. 

The last time Affleck donned the cape was back in 2017, when he joined "Justice League." 

"The Flash" will be featuring Miller's Barry Allen traversing different parallel dimensions so he can meet different DC heroes in various timilines. It has certainly an exciting premise, which is made more thirlling by the fact that there will be two Batmans!

Aside from Ben Affleck's version, Micheal Keaton -- who played Batman in Tim Burton's 1989 flick -- will also appear in the project.

Batman Is Special For Ben Affleck

Batman has always been special for Affleck. He was even planning to direct and star in a standalone Batman movie for Warner Bos in 2017, but he stepped down before even starting. The directing of the project was given to Matt Reeves instead. 

On the other hand, the acting part was given to Robert Pattinson. 

Affleck was honest enough to admit that he had to give up on the big project of both directing and acting because he had a problem staying sober. However, that was three years ago. 

Also, he truly made a mark in how he handed the superhero role. Muschietti, the director of "It" movies for Warner Bros., praised the actor's Batman version.

"His Batman has a dichotomy that is very strong, which is his masculinity - because of the way he looks, and the imposing figure that he has, and his jawline - but he's also very vulnerable," he explained. 

The director added that given the right story, Ben Affleck would not have a problem in delivering "from the inside out," showing Batman's both tough and vulnerable side.

A True Batman

Cheesy as this sounds, but Affleck can treat himself as a superhero if he wants to. He bravely addressed his alcoholism problem, which a lot of people with the same issue could not. He opened up about how it ruined his life, creating marital problems that ultimately ended in divorce. 

Affleck said he never wanted and never could imagine getting a divorce. Nonetheless, it happened all because he could not control his drinking. 

Talking with Good Morning America, he shared how he started drinking so much that it has become a nightly thing for him the point of oblivion. That was in 2017, when he canceled his vision for Batman. In 2018, he checked himself into rehab so he can kick this addiction out.

His experience is not something to emulate, but it is certainly one can learn from. Superheroes usually had such rough pasts, too. He may be an alcoholic in the past, but this is not a reason for fans to stop adoring him.

If anything, they should look up to how he finally gotten his act together once more. The fact that he said yes to this project means he is now confident that he can stay sober for good.

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