Kanye West Presidential Dream Over? Rapper Voted Out On Wisconsin Ballot

Kanye West

Not even half-way through his presidential campaign, it looks like Kanye West 2020 presidential dreams will soon be over after a state voted to keep him out from their November 2020 election ballot. 

On Thursday, the Wisconsin Elections Commission agreed not to entertain Kanye West on its general election presidential ballot. The reason? Failure to apply on time. 

No Kanye West on Wisconsin Ballot

According to CNN, the elections commission come up with a 5-1 vote. The landslide vote against the 41-year-old rapper's candidacy resulted in the late filing. Apparently, West and his running mate, Michelle Tidball, failed to submit their nomination papers by the 5 p.m deadline of August 4, 2020. 

Kanye's attorney, Michael Curran, argued that the campaign had until 5:01 p.m to file, but the explanation was rejected by the commissioners composed of three Republicans and three Democrats. 

Wisconsin Democratic Party attorney Jeffrey Mandell explained that the Wisconsin state law clearly states that candidates must file their nomination papers "not later" than 5 p.m. The lawyer emphasized that Kanye's camp failed to follow this rule so they could not exempt him from the rules. 

Republican Commissioner Dean Knudson said" "Five o'clock is five o'clock. Maybe I'm just common sense and not a lawyer."

Republican Robert Spnindell is the only commissioner who voted in favor of West. He argued that the commission should give the aspiring president a chance to run the elections.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin Elections Commissions chair Ann Jacobs said that there is no "hypocrisy" on the commission's decision not to grant ballot access to the "Yeezy" founder. 

"I do not think it's unreasonable to expect people who are seeking higher office to do something as simple as walk through a door before 5 o'clock at night, which is the deadline," Jacobs, a Democrat said. 

Is Kanye West's Candidacy Ruined?

Kanye's failure to secure a slot on the Wisconsin ballot came after he faced another Twitter controversy after uploading his official campaign poster. 

On Thursday, Kanye West uploaded his 2020 presidential vision campaign poster and captioned it with #2020VISION."

The poster is composed of collage photos of 13 individuals (celebrities, activists, and other public figures) alternating with his "Kanye 2020 Vision" campaign logo. 

One of the most familiar faces on the poster is the topmost image, which belongs to "Spider-Man" actress Kirsten Dunst. The photo immediately reached the actress, who immediately expressed confusion on why and how her picture landed on Kanye's campaign poster. 

The puzzled 38-year-old actress felt the need to speak publicly and savagely ruined Kanye's presidential dream by asking him burning questions regarding the poster. 

"What's the message here, and why am I apart of it, (sic)" Kirsten wrote with a shrug emoji, directly replying to Kanye's tweet. 

Aside from Kristen Dunst, Vogue editor Anna Wintour also appeared on the poster. But according to their representatives, Both Dunst and Wintour did not agree to appear on Kanye's poster

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