Miley Cyrus Drops Painful News Amid Relationship Turmoil

Miley Cyrus is grieving after her grandma, who had a big impact on her growing up, has passed away.

Just a few days after she announced that Cody Simpson is no longer her boyfriend, Miley is dealt with another blow with the passing of her grandmother Loretta Finley, whom she called "Mammie." 

Her maternal grandmother was quite special to Miley, as she looked up to her as a role model in many aspects. She took to her Instagram to share the heartbreaking news, showing her fans how much she loved her mama's mother. 

"Even though you are gone.... NOTHING has or ever will change," the "Malibu" singer shared via Instagram on Saturday along with a slideshow of old photos and videos of grandma Loretta.

"You will FOREVER be my inspiration and fashion icon. Even more than that the ultimate model of being a true LIGHT in a dark world. You are sunshine. Everyday I wake and see that fiery ball in the sky I will see your face. Then say a prayer thanking heaven above for giving me the best grandmother a girl could ever be gifted."

Cyrus also promised her grandma that she will live according to how she was raised. She wrote that she will keep her grandma's spirit alive by doing good for others all the time and treating people with kindness. 

"Mammie" was one of Miley's top supporters. She once ran "Cyrus' fan club herself, demonstrating her 100 percent support for her granddaughter. Finley is surivived by Miley's mom Tish Cyrus, and other grandchildren -- Brandi Cyrus, Trace Cyrus, Braison Cyrus and Noah Cyurs. 

It is no surprise that Miley is a grandma's girl. Back in 2013, she got a portrait of grandma Loretta tattooed on her right forearm. She tweeted about the new ink, stating sweetly that the tattoo symbolizes how they are each others' forever.

Miley's Struggles

Apart from the jarring news that she and Cody Simpson broke up, even without visible signs of relationship troubles, Miley also recently made headlines when she said she rather not be the poster child for sobriety. She has quit drinking, but does not believe she should be idolized that way.

That is clearly not the purpose of her becoming sober for good. Instead, she truly saw the benefits of not drinking nd she is in love with it. 

Speaking with Zane Lowe for Apple Music's New Music Daily, Miley Cyrus said that her decision to go "sober sober" is triggered by physical health reasons. However, the positive effect had gone beyond her physical health to her mental health.

Cyrus said that being sober and able to think clearly these days is so important to her, even though at any means, she did not want to be a "face of a decision."  She told Variety that it was a hard journey getting to her state right now. 

The last thing Miley wants is to judge others of their lifestyle choices. Being sober works for her, but she completely supports the idea that everyone should just figure out what works for them -- "in each season because it changes."

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