David and Victoria Beckham are icons not only in the sports and music but also in the fashion industry. 

Posh Spice's brand VB will also be diving into the world of beauty, as she will be coming out with cosmetics and skincare products. 

Thanks to his professional football career, David Beckham has a net worth of $450 million, and he can buy just about anything wants. However, even with that money, he still uses the things his wife owns. 

According to the Daily Mail, the "most handsome man on the planet" uses Victoria Beckham's makeup and skincare products, and she even tests her makeup on him. 

The 45-year-old dad-of-four is said to be obsessed with Victoria's beauty products she created for her brand, VBB, and loves using the bronzer from her cosmetics line. 

The 46-year-old fashion designer turned makeup and skincare mogul took to Instagram Live to reveal that her husband is also one of her models. 

"He's my best model," she shared, "I've just seen a message from David that he's run out of serum. David loves this. I'll bring him some." 

Good thing David Beckham's wife is Victoria, as the serum which he is said to be in love with is the Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum, and each bottle costs $236. He gets it for free. 

Discussing about maintaining his appearance in 2018, David spoke to IntoTheGloss to reveal some secrets. 

"My approach to grooming was always to steal my wife's products. That was kind of it."

The retired footballer revealed how he has always been aware of how he looks, how he wants his hair or skin to look. He made it a habit to take care of his skin since he's always outside playing football. 

"I had to take care of my skin because of that. The way I looked after it was to steal my wife's stuff because I know she has the best." 

Posh's business partner for Victoria Beckham Beauty, Sarah Creal, shared how the former England caption loves the bronzing product as well. 

Sarah shared, "David is a big fan of VBB. Victoria said he's obsessed." 

This wasn't the first time the model has worn some makeup. Last year, David wore a teal eyeshadow for a photoshoot for Love Magazine. 

For other photoshoots, surely David Beckham has also put on some foundation, concealer, mascara, and tints to look even hotter in photos. 

Meanwhile, their eldest son, Brooklyn Beckham, is engaged to the daughter of billionaire mogul Nicola Peltz. 

Closer has reported that the Beckhams will be making a big celebration out of the wedding, going all out even to invite members of the British royal family. 

Though the former Spice Girls member is happy to invite Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, they have also asked their other royal friends, Prince William and Kate Middleton. 

However, reports of the couples' ongoing feud could possibly overshadow her son's special day. 

The insider told Closer, "Posh feels incredibly torn between Kate and Meghan, and is panicking about the prospect of them being the center of attention."

"She dreads being dragged into a new crisis. This is a huge celebration, and she doesn't want any tension or bad atmosphere between high-profile guests spoiling it."

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