Even after a decade since his death, Michael Jackson continues to earn money for his family, all thanks to his invested estates, intellectual properties, and hit music. While most of the King of Pop's fortune was already distributed to his family members when he died in 2002, it looks like he has a different plan over the wealth he has accumulated throughout his career. 

Just recently, Michael Jackson's former spokesperson revealed that the pop icon has a more update will outlining what he wanted to do with all the money, properties, and music he left when he died. 

During a press conference, Raymone Baine said that the pop star penned a new will in 2006, which outlined how he wanted his legacy to be preserved and maintained. 

But the general manager and president of Michael Jackson company confessed that she does not have the said will and has no idea where it is. 

"I have wished, I have hoped, and I have prayed that Michael Jackson's will - dated October 6, 2006 - would be found, revealed, discovered, dropped from the sky," Baine said.

The former spokesperson also questioned the legality of Jackson's existing will since he made an updated one in 2006. Baine claimed that she might not have the will in her possession and clueless on its whereabouts, but she is aware of it since she was with the "Thriller" hitmaker when he wrote it. 

"I don't have it, I don't know where it is, and we have to deal with the hand we're dealt. But I've had the honor of sitting with him and the notary," Baine revealed.

"In the ten years since his death, I know of no scholarship to any college in his name, or music studio, university, or hospital," she added.

Baine said that she exposes the truth now since Jackson has been a victim since his death, and it is time for the allegations to stop. 

Apart from being Jackson's spokesperson, Baine also acted as his publicist and music licensing woman who has four powers of attorney for the singer's Neverland Ranch and several bank accounts. 

"He wаs methodicаl, thorough аnd precise. I hаve hoped аnd prayed that MJ's will, dated 2006, would be found because in it he outlined how he wanted his legacy preserved," Baine added.

Michael Jackson 2002 Will

The King of Pop's July 7, 2002 will, which was enforced after his death on August 25, 2009, is the only will that has been executed and known to the public up to this date. 

In the said will, Jackson named his mother, Katherine Jackson, as the legal guardian of his three children, namely Prince Paris and Blanket. In case of her passing, the legal guardianship shall be passed to "The Supremes" lead singer, Diana Ross. 

As per his wealth, the will state that Jackson gave his mother 40% of his estate, and the same amount will be split to his children, while the remaining 20% will go to charities dedicated to children's care. 

The pop icon's estranged father, Joe, and his siblings and ex-wife Deborah Jean Rowe Jackson were left out of the will. 

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