Biotulin, Kate Middleton's Holy Grail Moisturizer - This Can Keep Wrinkles Away!


Kate Middleton has always been a natural beauty - her early photos would prove that. Ever since becoming a royal, though, and having three kids, nothing much has changed. In fact, Middleton has even become prettier in our eyes, regardless of the stresses of being a royal. 

Her secret? Biotulin, or the so-called "Botox in the Bottle" from Germany. 

Mother-of-three Kate Middleton is using a plant-based local anesthetic that effectively reduces wrinkles.

According to a new report from The Sun, Kate Middleton's skincare product of choice is a natural anti-wrinkle gel Biotulin, which "contains a local anaesthetic which freeze[s] her face muscles and dissolve wrinkles." A quick check of the website will show that this product "Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel." 

Apart from her, different celebrities have already sworn by Biotulin as not just to reduce or prevent wrinkles, but as an overall natural botox alternative that can do so much more.

What is Biotulin?

Biotulin is a plat-based moisturizer made in Germany that promises to smooth and firm the skin at the same time. Perfect for women on the go and prone to get wrinkles in time, it benefits many women who are constantly in the limelight and subject to the media and the public's harsh comments. This saves them a lot of trouble and agony. 

One of the ingredients of Biotulin is spilanthol, which makes the product a nature's wonder. Spilanthol is a local anesthetic extracted from the plant, acmella oleracea (paracress). This plant has been providing to reduce muscle contractions, thereby effectively replacing facial features. It is a known that when people feel stressed, the facial muscles will contract, and their facial features will appear too tight. If this goes on every day, wrinkles will result - a no-no for women who want to look fresh as long as possible. In particular, celebrities and royals who face so many controversies daily can benefit from a simple product with massive powers. Biotulin can make small wrinkles disappear, particularly those around the eyes and between the eyebrows, and keep new ones at bay. 

Prince WIlliam, Kate Middleton
(Photo : Anthony Devlin - Pool/Getty Images)

What makes this product perfect, especially for the Duchess of Cambridge, is that it works within just an hour, as has been proven by independent studies. 

Apart from Kate Middleton, other royals that benefited fro this product include Queen Letizia of Spain and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, as well as Middleton's reported nemesis (which we do not believe just one bit), Meghan Markle. Celebrities like Madonna and Leonardo DiCaprio have also used this product. 

Kate Middleton would not be the admired beauty that she is now if she did not establish a solid beauty regime for herself. While always busy with her royal duties and parenting tasks, she makes sure she takes care of herself too, by having the right products by her side.

Kate Middleton needs to look on top of her game, not for vanity purposes, but of necessity. She only needs to step out of the house, and photographers will swarm over her like bees, trying to get a bad shot of her. Good thing Biotulin prevents that from happening. Her youthful complexion is always a source of envy for other women her age. 

Want to know if Biotulin can also help you avoid wrinkles and prevent premature aging? ou can find more information about Biotulin at

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