Prince Charles Sacrifice: Queen Abdication Could Lead To Major Trouble for Future King

Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles

Now that Queen Elizabeth II is 94 years of age and now the longest-reigning monarch of the UK, there is a sense that people are waiting to hear some Queen abdication news all the time. If they are keen to see Prince Charles crowned king, there is a new report stating there is no guarantee of that happening.

When the Queen abdicates, what Prince Charles will first receive is a burden. He will be burdened by a need to decide on what he will call himself when he becomes king, that is.

Charles is the first in line to claim the throne when his mom dies or steps down. Morbid as this sounds, this is just how royal succession works.

According to royal expert Christopher Wilson, Prince Charles is, in fact, readying himself to take on the throne. For the first time, the Prince of Wales stepped down from his beloved Duchy Originals Farm. The fact that he is able to do that when loves farming just meant he is starting to prepare for a bigger role.

When he becomes the king, he would no longer have time for farming.

King Charles?

But will he really be crowned King Charles? Will he be called King Charles and no longer Prince Charles? According to Wilson, Charles can very well follow the footsteps of his grandfather, King George VI.

"The last king to be crowned was called Bertie, but styled George VI. The one before him went by the name David but was crowned Edward VIII," Wilson explained.

With that said, even if Prince Charles takes over the monarchy, he has to decide what he will be crowned with.

"George VI's title was chosen in the light of Edward VIII's abdication the previous year - the choice a hark back to the solid and dependable reign of King George V," the expert added.

However, Prince Charles cannot be compared to the said predecessor because he will be leading the royal family in a very different time and circumstances. For one, this is the first time someone has sat on the throne for so long. Not only is the Queen the longest reining, she is also probably the most successful.

The pressure is certainly on Prince Charles to at least continue the same brand and level of success when the time comes. 

It all starts, of course, by being crowned with the best name. Since his Christian names are Charles Philip Arthur George, he has plenty to choose from.

If he's tired of using Charles, he can become King George VII, King Philip, or even King Arthur if he so desires.

Destined To Be King

If his mom is the longest-reining monarch, then Charles is also the nation's longest-serving heir. He was just 3 years old when his mom Elizabeth became the enigmatic QUeen.

Even in his wildest dreams, he might not have thought of not serving the palace in his mom's place. His whole life has already been attached to his royal duties and charitable works.

Prince William appears to be following suit, but his dad was not the monarch when he was born. There would be a wealth of difference between the father and son duo, even if both devoted their lives to the royal duties. 

Prince Harry, on the other hand, probably had had enough after stepping down as a senior member of the firm. He is now in the U.S., pursuing a financially independent life with his wife Meghan Markle and kid, Baby Archie. He's also entering Hollywood soon after signing on a massive deal with Netflix.

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