Did Katie Holmes stop down her level and willingly become the "other woman" in the attempt to take revenge to ex Jamie Foxx?

Earlier this week, Katie Holmes went viral on social media after acting unusual and spotted having a massive public display of affection with her new boyfriend, Emilio Vitolo Jr. The couple was seen getting cozy, touchy, and smoochy outside a celebrity hotspot restaurant, "Nolita" in New York City, which also happens to be owned by Vitolo's father. 

Based on the photos obtained by the "Daily Mail," the 41-year-old actress and her 33-year-old boy toy look like they were in the middle to a romantic film as they hug and gaze at each other, just one look proves that they are clearly in love. 

However, several sources immediately come to light and reveal that Katie's new lover was actually engaged and just called off the engagement hours before the photo with Katie went viral. 

Initially, the source said that they are not sure if Katie was aware that the celebrity chef and aspiring actor was in a relationship when they started hooking up. 

But recent revelation shows that the actress knew for a fact that Vitolo is in a relationship, engaged, and about to walk down the aisle with his fiance, Rachel Emmons. 

A Willing Mistress?

According to the "Daily Mail," Katie started getting to know each other in October last year, and the actress is very much aware that Emilio is engaged to the 24-year-old bag designer. 

"Katie definitely knew Emilio had a fiancée and started something with him while he was very much living with his fiancé," the source said. 

They were introduced by mutual friends, but things escalated quickly when the actress returned to New York this summer, after spending quarantine with her family in Ohio. 

"They have been strong since March, but it got more serious after she returned from Ohio, where she kept quarantine with her family," the source added.

Summer Fling Revenge?

The source suggested that Katie might just be enjoying a summer fling with Vitolo as she was devastatingly broken after her breakup with Jamie Foxx

"Maybe she's just enjoying this fling because she's had such a hard six years with Jamie," the insider said.

"Jamie broke Katie into pieces. It took Katie a while to get over it, and she had a lot of drunken nights," the insider added. 

Apparently, Katie was still mending a broken heart after the 52-year-old actor could not keep his eye on Katie and remains affectionate with his ex-girlfriend and baby mama, Kristin Grannis 

The insider claims that even Katie's relatives were surprised that the actress is acting like a teenage girl going gaga over a young man who ditched her fiance. 

"Everyone is surprised by the way this romance happened and how open Katie is being about her new man," the source revealed.

"Some of her relatives are upset, they do not understand why Katie acts like a teenage girl in love with so many silly and ridiculous displays of love, she is 41 years old, and they expect her to act like one," the source added.

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