The fashion sector is one of the many industries that felt the rumblings of COVID-19. With that said, luxury brand owners tried to adapt to the "new normal" by launching innovative ideas to cater to the public's current needs. 

Now, face masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) suits are not only used for essential needs but also as a fashion statement. 

After the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended the public to wear masks to alleviate the spread of the deadly disease, several brands took the opportunity to cash in on this pandemic's biggest accessory trend. 

Italian luxury fashion label Off White started selling cloth masks made out of 100% cotton jersey for $95.

In addition, the British fashion house Burberry was the first major luxury brand to release high-end reusable face masks, donning its signature check that retails for about $120. 

Make It Fashionable!

Interestingly, another fashion label is stepping up its A-game with an extravagant take on PPEs. 

French fashion house Louis Vuitton is set to launch its luxurious face shield as part of its 2021 Cruise collection, per Vogue.

Louis Vuitton Face Shield
(Photo : Instagram)

LV's face shield costs a whopping $961 and will be available worldwide on October 30th. 

It is made with a hard plastic shield, trimmed with their signature monogram print alongside an elastic strap that goes around the wearer's head. 

Moreover, the movable face covering is attached to golden studs engraved with the brand's logo. 

Before saying "thank you, next," the company assured the buyers that the item is worth every single penny, as it functions not just as a protective gear but also as a hat since the face shield can be flipped upwards and can double as a sun visor. 

Aside from this, the plastic material is made with transition lens technology that can go from clear to dark, adjusting to sunlight.

In a statement, the luxury brand described the ultra-chic essential gear as "an eye-catching headpiece, both stylish and protective."

Twitter Slams Louis Vuitton for Releasing Pricey Face Shield

Unfortunately, this sparked outrage in social media, as users slammed Louis Vuitton for releasing a pricey designer piece amid the global pandemic. 

Louis Vuitton Face Shield
(Photo : Instagram)

"Nah cause wtf that Louis Vuitton face shield gonna do???? 1K for something that has a lot of open areas??? The rich are not serious," one critic wrote. 

Another fan called out the fashion label for capitalizing on the market despite the worldwide crisis. 

"Louis Vuitton face shield a mere £800 .... this should not be allowed fkn profiteering!!!!!!"

Louis Vuitton Face Shield
(Photo : Instagram)

Meanwhile, one Twitter user castigated LV by pointing out that their face shield is useless. The said critic also called them an "opportunistic" fashion label.

"@LouisVuitton so first you sell a worthless mask that won't do anything to protect against the virus and now I read you're selling a crappy face shield for 1k??? It doesn't even cover the sides like better inexpensive & free shields do. What a disgusting opportunistic company."

Although the CDC recommended wearing face masks in public, it doesn't advise everyone to use face shields as a substitute for masks.  

As previously reported by The Daily Mail, researchers at Florida Atlantic University's College of Engineering and Computer Science concluded that face "shields prevent the initial forward spread of droplets, but the gap at the bottom actually allows the infectious aerosols to spread behind the person."

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