Coconut Oil for Hair? Why This Miracle Ingredient Should Be in Your Hair Care Product

Our hair is our crowning glory, and all of us will do whatever it takes to make it look perfect. Some spend hundreds to thousands of dollars in salons, while others use a varierty of hair care products that are said to be tested and proven by scientists and beauty experts.

However, we don't have to break the bank just to get that perfect hair. In fact, a lot of people have expeirenced getting expert level care from natural ingredients -- particularly coconut oil.

Coconut oil in the Philippines and other parts of the world has become an exceptional ingredient of most health and beauty products. Although it is widely used in cooking and cleaning, a lot of people find it beneficial when it comes to moisturizing the body and hair.

As we grow older, we spend more time styling our hair in order to have a presentable look on the job or just as part of our daily routine.

Unfortunately, styling our hair -- even simply brushing and washing it -- can damage and make it look frizzy and dry. Careless usage of styling products will also cause our hair to lose some of its fibrous proteins, eventually causing more breakage.

Thank heavens though, we do not need to visit a hair care salon to revive our hair or prevent it from breaking. Coconut oil can save the day in an instant.

How Coconut Oil Can Avert Damage

Believe it or not, our hair is most prone to damage when it is wet.

Far from what some articles state, water absorption can definitely make changes to your crowning glory. This is because the thick, central cortex of your hair can soak up the water, causing it to swell and affect even the cuticle.

With the help of coconut oil, just a few drops can already prevent the problem. When applying it after taking a shower, it serves as our hair's invisible protection even when we go out of the house.

Coconut Oil Can Be Your Hair's Sunscreen Product

If we can use sunscreen products for our skin to protect ourselves from ultraviolet rays, we can do the same to our hair, too. There are studies that coconut oil has a sun protection factor -- SPF 10 to be exact -- that can filter UV rays to protect our hair from the sun.

In addition, the nutrients that are naturally present in coconut oil and other tropical Asian countries can tame frizz and seal hair strands so that heat will not easily damage the cuticles.

With this kind of natural deep conditioning treatment, our hair will surely be safe from the sun's rays.

Coconut Oil as Your Cap - Literally

People know how saltwater and chlorine can destroy our hair immediately, so swimming caps is our friend during those trying times. However, who would want to wear a cap when swimming, though?

This is where the coconut oil in the Philippines and other tropical countries come in. Put simply, the natural ingredient can make an invisible cap for you.

Before heading to the pool or beach, blessing our hair with coconut oil or products that have it will help create a natural barrier. In turn, it should allow us to have a hassle-free swimming experience.

Also, expect a good hair day even during the worst days, as coconut oil can calm the rough strands and make the hair tangle-free!

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