Stop the Chap: Why Coconut Oil Should Be in Your Next Lip Balm

Whether it is winter or summer, many of us surely experience chapped lips. The feeling that you have flaky -- and sometimes bloody -- lips can cause irritation and a lot of pain.

Although having chapped lips usually will not lead to a severe health problem, it is essential to protect and hydrate the lips regularly using the right product. While most people opt to use pricey lip balms in the market, there are actually a few with natural ingredients like coconut oil that are really cheap.

Coconut oil in the Philippines and other tropical countries has been discovered to be a strong and effective moisturizer for any part of the body -- yes, even the lips! With that said, it might be best to choose lip balms that have coconut oil in it.

What Causes Chapped Lips

While the weather has been often blamed for causing chapped lips, there are actually many factors that lead to this dreaded problem

Merely licking your lips, exposing them under the sun, and eating spicy foods can cause your lips to crack.

Unfortunately, some lip products in the market can also irritate since they can cause an allergic reaction or a direct irritation to your lips. In addition, some of them contain chemicals that can dry the lips even more.

Can Coconut Oil Save Your Day?

Now, the biggest question is: can lip balms with coconut oil save your lips from flaking? The answer is a resounding YES!

Coconut oil in the Philippines and Asian countries contains vitamins and minerals that can shield your lips, whatever the weather your area is currently experiencing.

Whether you will use lipstick or not, you should always start using a lip balm with coconut oil in it to keep your lips smooth and to prevent them from flaking.

Since coconut oil is a natural and non-irritating product, your lips will truly be safe from any burn or further damage.

Coconut oil has safe analgesic (pain-relieving) properties that make it ideal to be used even if you are already suffering from chapped and cracked lips.

You may also say goodbye to cosmetic moisturizers since the coconut oil contains emollients that can keep your lips moist and protected throughout the day.

Aside from prevention, coconut oil is also capable of locking moisture in your lips.

Meanwhile, since it also has disinfecting and antimicrobial effects,lip balms with coconut oil can protect your chapped lips from being infected with germs and viruses.

Of course, proper precaution should be made when choosing lip balms with coconut oil in it. It is also best to check reviews and read the other ingredients of the lip balm.

One thing is for saure though: you can never go wrong with coco oil.

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